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Our Design Library is your place to become a decorating know-it-all. It's full of step-by-step instructions, helpful how-to's and easy-to-follow tips. So, whether you're a first time decorator or a seasoned designer, the Design Library has more than enough to add a few tricks up anybody's sleeve.

Mixing Patterns Design Tips: Mixing Patterns

Polka dots, chevron, and stripes, oh my! Shake up the look of your kid’s room, nursery, or playroom by mixing a variety of patterns.
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Picking the Perfect Rug Picking the Perfect
Area Rug

Even though hardwood floors are all the rage, when you’re decorating it’s nice to have something soft for your little ones to run, roll, and play on.
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Creating a Gallery Wall Creating a Gallery Wall

Need a place for your favorite family photos (instead of in a box or stuck on your phone)? A gallery wall is perfect place for them, along with other wall art and decor.
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Choosing Paint Colors Choosing Paint Colors

When it comes to your home’s paint color schemes, you want to make sure you’re making the right decision before you put the time into painting.
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gender neutral nursery Designing a Nursery
in Six Steps

Designing a nursery can be overwhelming, so we provide you with the six important steps to designing a functional and fun nursery for your new baby.
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Toddler Room Converting Your Nursery into a Toddler Room

Not sure how or when it happened, but at some point your sweet snuggly baby became a full-blown, fiercly independent, yet incredibly needy toddler.
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Kids' Study Space Four Tips to Designing a Kids' Study Space

Four tips to designing a study space for your children's room. From play tables and crafts to homework desks, The Land of Nod has you covered.
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Four Tips to Designing a Shared Bedroom Four Tips to Designing a Shared Bedroom

Designing a bedroom for more than one? It's possible to create a bedroom that gives each kid the space they need with the style they want.
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Build the Ultimate Kids Playroom Build the Ultimate
Kids Playroom

Our handy guide will help you pick furniture, decor and storage for a kids playroom to fit any space in your home.
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Four Tips to Designing a Shared Bedroom Designing a Kids Bedroom

If your child can order their own dinner at a restaurant, it’s probably time to consider ditching the crib and transitioning into a big kid room.
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