Four Tips To Designing A Shared Bedroom

Designing a bedroom for more than one? It's possible to create a bedroom that gives each kid the space they need with the style you want.

Give each kid a space of their own.

Personalize the space around each kid’s bed with anything from their favorite color to their particular interest. And make sure each kid has their own shelf or storage area that they can display their own toys or collection on.

Furniture and bedding don't need to match.

You don’t need matching furniture to coordinate the room. Using the same beds with different bedding (or vice versa) can tie the room together. Different throw pillows can even coordinate, while allowing each one to stand out.

Make sure the room is functional.

Choose furniture based on each kid’s needs, then base the rest of the room off of it. An older kid might need a desk or reading lamp, whereas a younger child may need a softer rug as they learn to crawl, or even a rocking chair.

Use items that can grow with kids.

This space will need to work through a bunch of different stages of growth, and you don’t want to completely rearrange the room for each one. Play tables with convertible legs are great, as well as dressers with removable changing tops.

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