The Jellydots

The Jellydots

From local favorite in Austin, TX, to one of the most entertaining, up-and-coming bands on the kids music scene today, word is spreading about The Jellydots. Started when lead singer Doug Snyder, who works as a children’s guitar teacher, sought to capture students’ interest by helping them write their own songs. They feature songs ranging from get-up-and-dance pop and reggae to subtle, soothing lullabies. Snyder keeps the tempo fun and upbeat, and even offers some guitar lessons, on this exclusive, interactive Nodcast Podcast. Overall, there’s a lot to enjoy about jamming with The Jellydots.

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The Jellydots Free Nodcast Podcast

Okay, so you're thinking, what the heck is a podcast? Quite simply, a podcast is an audio program that you can download and listen to on your computer or your portable MP3 player anytime you want. Click here to learn more about podcasts.

Lead singer Doug Snyder recently recorded this exclusive podcast just for us. The 15 minute program contains a specially recorded live intro, three previously recorded songs, an interactive guitar lesson and a special first listen to a track off the album “Jelly Jukebox.”

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The Jellydots' CDs

We offer free shipping on all CDs, including The Jellydots’ “Hey You Kids!” All of their CDs make toe-tapping, finger-snapping gifts.

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