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As part of our Oh Joy! for Nod Collection, each one of these gorgeous illustrations was handpicked by our good friend, blogger and designer Joy Cho.

Oh Joy! Handpicked art


The Moths Print

Amyisla McCombie


"A beautiful medley of fluttering friends." -Joy Cho

It Takes Two

Christopher David Ryan


"A simple and sweet message to adorn any kid's room." -Joy Cho

Floral Doodle Print

Jo Chambers


"It's like a spring garden on your walls!" -Joy Cho

Plums Print

Ana Zaja Petrak


"Life is like a bowl of plums, you never know what you're going to get." -Joy Cho

Ice Cream Print

Max Wanger


"This print is from a photo shoot that my husband and I did with our good friend Max Wanger. We love ice cream." -Joy Cho

La Pina Print

Idlewild by Katie Gastley


"A tropical fruit print makes the wall more lively and fun!" -Joy Cho

Get In Here Print

Christopher David Ryan


"This print says so much in such a simple and sweet way." -Joy Cho

Bowtie Print

Michelle Armas


"I love this print. It's vibrant and fun, and I love thinking of all the hidden images we could possibly find in there." -Joy Cho

Car Love Print

Miranda Wulff Altschuler


"Vintage cars are my favorite, so until I can have my own, a print works just as well!" -Joy Cho


*Frames sold separately.

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