From classic fairy tales to modern adventures, our collection of kids books has all the stories your kids will want to hear again and again. With board books, picture books, chapter books and more, we have everything you kids will want to read as the grow up. Read your little ones classic bedtime stories like Goodnight Moon and The Runaway Bunny. As your kids get older, introduce them to the joys of Dr. Seuss and poet Shel Silverstein. When they're ready for their first chapter books, we've got you covered there too! And don't forget to pick out a baby book to record all the memories before your little ones grow up. No matter what kind of children's book you need, Land of Nod has an option for you.


Amelia Earhart New!Amelia Earhart $14.99
Maya Angelou New!Maya Angelou $14.99
Frida Khalo New!Frida Khalo $14.99
Coco Chanel New!Coco Chanel $14.99
Me: A Compendium New!Me: A Compendium $12.99
City Atlas New!City Atlas $27.99
The Fifty States New!The Fifty States $30.00
A is for Andy New!A is for Andy $12.95
Letters to My Baby New!Letters to My Baby $14.95
Easter Easter $3.97reg. $4.95
Cecil The Pet Glacier Cecil The Pet Glacier $9.97reg. $17.99
Jude's Moon Jude's Moon $19.95
Museum Trip Museum Trip $9.97reg. $16.99
Rainstorm Rainstorm $9.97reg. $16.99
Shape Shift Shape Shift $9.97reg. $16.99
Be a Friend Be a Friend $17.99
Where Where $5.99
What What $5.99
Who Who $5.99
Gaston Gaston $17.99
Julia, Child Julia, Child $17.99
Tree Tree $14.99
Sparky! Sparky! $16.99
Inside Outside Inside Outside $12.97reg. $15.99
The Wing on a Flea The Wing on a Flea $9.97reg. $17.95
Telephone Telephone $16.99
One Family One Family $17.99
Outstanding in the Rain Outstanding in the Rain $9.97reg. $18.00
Fall Fall $2.97reg. $4.95
Maps Maps $35.00
Little Women Little Women $16.00
Heidi Heidi $16.00
Trains Go Trains Go $9.99
Supertruck Supertruck $12.99
Little Tug Little Tug $12.99
The Three Bears New!The Three Bears $4.99
Tootle New!Tootle $4.99
I Can Fly New!I Can Fly $4.99
Urban Babies Wear Black Urban Babies Wear Black $4.97reg. $6.99
The Swing New!The Swing $8.95
Countablock Countablock $16.95
Alpha Block Alpha Block $16.95
Gossie Gossie $6.95
Alexander Girard Color Alexander Girard Color $9.97reg. $16.95
How To How To $16.95
Flashlight Flashlight $16.99
Welcome, Baby! (Pink) Welcome, Baby! (Pink) $24.95 eachMore Colors Available
Welcome, Baby! (Blue) Welcome, Baby! (Blue) $24.95 eachMore Colors Available
Baby Book Baby Book $19.95
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