Check out the latest and greatest from The Land Nod. From new toys to new decor, we can't wait to show off our newest kids items and baby items all in one place.


Modern Nautical Teepee New!Modern Nautical Teepee $119.00reg. $159.00
Planetarium Playhouse Canopy New!Planetarium Playhouse Canopy $149.00reg. $189.00
Horse Stable Playhouse New!Horse Stable Playhouse $149.00reg. $199.00
Perennial Playhouse New!Perennial Playhouse $129.00reg. $199.00
Floral Applique Pavilion Playhouse New!Floral Applique Pavilion Playhouse $129.00reg. $199.00
Suzy's Playhouse New!Suzy's Playhouse $129.00reg. $179.00
Decorate-a-Teepee and Patch Set New!Decorate-a-Teepee and Patch Set $119.00 - $159.00reg. $159.00 - $218.85
Superstar Stage New!Superstar Stage $299.00
Street Vendor Cart New!Street Vendor Cart $249.00
Metro Line City Set New!Metro Line City Set $149.00
A-Frame Dollhouse New!A-Frame Dollhouse $149.00
Bike Ride On New!Bike Ride On $69.00
Tractor Ride On New!Tractor Ride On $70.00
Zebra Rocker New!Zebra Rocker $149.00
Airplane Ride-On New!Airplane Ride-On $99.00
Orange Wagon New!Orange Wagon $69.00
Set of 6 Medieval Hand Puppets New!Set of 6 Medieval Hand Puppets $69.00reg. $77.70
Mail Call Play Set New!Mail Call Play Set $89.00
Magic Fairy Dolls (Set of 3) New!Magic Fairy Dolls (Set of 3) $39.00reg. $44.85
Joey Nod Baby Doll New!Joey Nod Baby Doll $39.00
Mod Doll Pram New!Mod Doll Pram $69.00
Mod Doll Bed New!Mod Doll Bed $59.00 - $79.00
Mod Doll Beds (Set of 2) New!Mod Doll Beds (Set of 2) $99.00 - $149.00reg. $118.00 - $157.00
Crescent Moon Doll Crib New!Crescent Moon Doll Crib $29.00 - $79.00
Fridge Play Food New!Fridge Play Food $29.00
Pantry Play Food New!Pantry Play Food $29.00
Tea Set New!Tea Set $24.95
Cheval Mirror New!Cheval Mirror $159.00
Rec Hall Jumbo Checkers New!Rec Hall Jumbo Checkers $69.00 - $159.00
Vintage Woodie Wagon New!Vintage Woodie Wagon $25.00 - $37.00
Vintage Racecar New!Vintage Racecar $25.00 - $37.00
Vintage Tow Truck New!Vintage Tow Truck $25.00 - $37.00
Nod Bingo New!Nod Bingo $34.00
Action Plates New!Action Plates $22.95
Kraft Sketchbook New!Kraft Sketchbook $12.95
Gnome Crayons New!Gnome Crayons $12.95
Wooden Ship Puzzle New!Wooden Ship Puzzle $14.95
Skipping Rope New!Skipping Rope $14.95
Bale of Hay Seat New!Bale of Hay Seat $69.00
Floor Cushion (Planetarium) New!Floor Cushion (Planetarium) $69.00More Colors Available
Feed a Frog Game New!Feed a Frog Game $14.95
Tea Party Game New!Tea Party Game $16.95
Sensory Tumbling New!Sensory Tumbling $19.95
Rattling Snake New!Rattling Snake $29.00
Happy Puppy New!Happy Puppy $24.95
Dog Color Wheelers New!Dog Color Wheelers $14.95
Red Color Wheelies New!Red Color Wheelies $14.95 each
Turquoise Color Wheelies New!Turquoise Color Wheelies $14.95 each
Blue Sailing Boat New!Blue Sailing Boat $12.95
Red Sailing Boat New!Red Sailing Boat $12.95More Colors Available
Oval Xylophone New!Oval Xylophone $24.95
Double Drum New!Double Drum $34.00
Rain Maker New!Rain Maker $19.95
Rhythm Box New!Rhythm Box $59.00
Jingle Stick New!Jingle Stick $8.95
Kids Tambourine New!Kids Tambourine $8.95
Piano Horn New!Piano Horn $8.95
Pea Pod Baby Costume Pea Pod Baby Costume $39.97reg. $59.00
Mermaid Baby Costume Mermaid Baby Costume $39.97reg. $59.00
Inchworm Baby Costume Inchworm Baby Costume $39.97reg. $59.00
Kids Magic Wand New!Kids Magic Wand $5.95
Mini Fire Engine New!Mini Fire Engine $14.95
Mini Garbage Truck New!Mini Garbage Truck $14.95
Mini Cement Truck New!Mini Cement Truck $14.95
The Snowy Day New!The Snowy Day $6.99
Circus in the Sky New!Circus in the Sky $19.00
Jude's Moon New!Jude's Moon $19.95
Lego Storage Brick 4 New!Lego Storage Brick 4 $29.00 each
Lego Storage Brick 8 New!Lego Storage Brick 8 $39.00 each
Wild Zebra Sleeping Bag New!Wild Zebra Sleeping Bag $99.00 - $108.00
Wild Dinosaur Sleeping Bag New!Wild Dinosaur Sleeping Bag $99.00 - $108.00
Wild Owl Sleeping Bag New!Wild Owl Sleeping Bag $99.00 - $108.00
Hearts and Stripes Sleeping Bag New!Hearts and Stripes Sleeping Bag $89.00 - $98.00
Mermaid Myth Sleeping Bag New!Mermaid Myth Sleeping Bag $129.00 - $138.00
Pirate Island Sleeping Bag New!Pirate Island Sleeping Bag $129.00 - $138.00
Geo Pop Sleeping Bag New!Geo Pop Sleeping Bag $109.00 - $118.00
Garden Bed Sleeping Bag New!Garden Bed Sleeping Bag $109.00 - $118.00
Wildwood Grey Sleeping Bag New!Wildwood Grey Sleeping Bag $99.00 - $108.00
Executive Moose Nod Chair New!Executive Moose Nod Chair $129.00 - $138.00reg. $149.00 - $158.00
Executive Polar Bear Nod Chair New!Executive Polar Bear Nod Chair $129.00 - $138.00reg. $149.00 - $158.00
Bunny Bean Bag Chair by Bijou Kitty New!Bunny Bean Bag Chair by Bijou Kitty $89.00 - $129.00reg. $99.00 - $149.00
Wolf Bean Bag Chair by Bijou Kitty New!Wolf Bean Bag Chair by Bijou Kitty $89.00 - $129.00reg. $99.00 - $149.00
Entry Level Roxy Marj Cat Nod Chair New!Entry Level Roxy Marj Cat Nod Chair $69.00 - $78.00reg. $89.00 - $98.00
Entry Level Roxy Marj Bear Nod Chair New!Entry Level Roxy Marj Bear Nod Chair $69.00 - $78.00reg. $89.00 - $98.00
aden + anais Metallic Pink One-Piece New!aden + anais Metallic Pink One-Piece $32.00 eachMore Colors Available
aden + anais Metallic Mint One-Piece New!aden + anais Metallic Mint One-Piece $32.00 eachMore Colors Available
Minnetonka Tan Riley Bootie New!Minnetonka Tan Riley Bootie $23.95 eachMore Colors Available
Minnetonka White Riley Bootie New!Minnetonka White Riley Bootie $29.95 eachMore Colors Available
Minnetonka Brown Riley Bootie New!Minnetonka Brown Riley Bootie $23.95 eachMore Colors Available
Light Pink Midi Gathre Mat New!Light Pink Midi Gathre Mat $70.00More Colors Available
New Years Eve Party Collection New!New Years Eve Party Collection $4.95 - $25.00
Stuart Toy Box New!Stuart Toy Box $399.00
Parkside White & Natural Toy Box New!Parkside White & Natural Toy Box $299.00More Colors Available
Parkside Navy & Walnut Toy Box New!Parkside Navy & Walnut Toy Box $299.00More Colors Available
Hexagon Toy Box New!Hexagon Toy Box $179.00
Single Walnut Storagepalooza New!Single Walnut Storagepalooza $99.00 eachMore Colors Available
Single Mint Storagepalooza New!Single Mint Storagepalooza $99.00 eachMore Colors Available
Walnut Storagepalooza New!Walnut Storagepalooza $199.00 eachMore Colors Available
Mint Storagepalooza New!Mint Storagepalooza $199.00 eachMore Colors Available
Milo Glider New!Milo Glider $1,299.00More Colors Available
Milo Gliding Ottoman New!Milo Gliding Ottoman $599.00More Colors Available
Charcoal Bin Table New!Charcoal Bin Table $199.00
Marguerite Glider New!Marguerite Glider $1,199.00More Colors Available
Marguerite Ottoman New!Marguerite Ottoman $499.00More Colors Available
Toby Glider New!Toby Glider $899.00More Colors Available
Toby Ottoman New!Toby Ottoman $399.00More Colors Available
Snug as a Bug Mint Bedding New!Snug as a Bug Mint Bedding $32.00 - $199.00
Great White North Flannel Bedding New!Great White North Flannel Bedding $14.00 - $199.00
Winter Forest Throw Pillow Winter Forest Throw Pillow $11.97reg. $19.00
Bunny Hill Flannel Bedding New!Bunny Hill Flannel Bedding $14.00 - $119.00
Winter Lodge Bedding New!Winter Lodge Bedding $32.00 - $159.00
Winter Lodge Flannel Sheet Set New!Winter Lodge Flannel Sheet Set $69.00 - $119.00
Holiday Crest Throw Pillow Holiday Crest Throw Pillow $14.97reg. $24.00
Snug as a Bug Dark Pink Bedding New!Snug as a Bug Dark Pink Bedding $32.00 - $199.00
Bunny Hill Flannel Crib Bedding New!Bunny Hill Flannel Crib Bedding $10.00 - $59.00
Fretwork Yellow Rug New!Fretwork Yellow Rug $99.00 - $299.00More Colors Available
Fretwork Pink Rug New!Fretwork Pink Rug $99.00 - $299.00More Colors Available
Fretwork Mint Rug New!Fretwork Mint Rug $99.00 - $299.00More Colors Available
Fretwork Khaki Rug New!Fretwork Khaki Rug $99.00 - $299.00More Colors Available
Fretwork Grey Rug New!Fretwork Grey Rug $99.00 - $299.00More Colors Available
Fretwork Navy Rug New!Fretwork Navy Rug $99.00 - $299.00More Colors Available
Forest Floor Pink Rug New!Forest Floor Pink Rug $299.00 - $799.00More Colors Available
Square Drops Blue Rug New!Square Drops Blue Rug $299.00 - $799.00More Colors Available
Square Drops Pink Rug New!Square Drops Pink Rug $299.00 - $799.00More Colors Available
Sequence Rug New!Sequence Rug $99.00 - $299.00
Live Wire Reversible Rug New!Live Wire Reversible Rug $129.00 - $399.00
Diamond Grid Rug New!Diamond Grid Rug $299.00 - $799.00
Color Swirl Rug New!Color Swirl Rug $229.00 - $649.00
Canyon Rug New!Canyon Rug $99.00 - $299.00
Block Work Reversible Rug New!Block Work Reversible Rug $99.00 - $299.00
Sahara Rug New!Sahara Rug $99.00 - $299.00
Reclaimed Blue Rag Rug New!Reclaimed Blue Rag Rug $99.00 - $299.00More Colors Available
Reclaimed Pink Rag Rug New!Reclaimed Pink Rag Rug $99.00 - $299.00More Colors Available
Crabby Cat Rug New!Crabby Cat Rug $179.00
Posh Poodle Rug New!Posh Poodle Rug $179.00
Ring Around the Ribbon Round Grey Rug New!Ring Around the Ribbon Round Grey Rug $119.00More Colors Available
Light Touch Grey Rug New!Light Touch Grey Rug $249.00 - $699.00More Colors Available
Light Touch Pink Rug New!Light Touch Pink Rug $249.00 - $699.00More Colors Available
Multi-Dot Pink & Purple Rug New!Multi-Dot Pink & Purple Rug $249.00 - $699.00More Colors Available
Multi-Dot Blue & Green Rug New!Multi-Dot Blue & Green Rug $249.00 - $699.00More Colors Available
Forest Floor Grey Rug New!Forest Floor Grey Rug $299.00 - $799.00More Colors Available
Forest Floor Yellow Rug New!Forest Floor Yellow Rug $299.00 - $799.00More Colors Available
Water Bloom 2 New!Water Bloom 2 $1,300.00
Light's Call 1 New!Light's Call 1 $700.00
Light's Call 2 New!Light's Call 2 $700.00
Gold Deer Head New!Gold Deer Head $600.00
Blue Unicorn Head New!Blue Unicorn Head $600.00
Pink Unicorn Head New!Pink Unicorn Head $600.00
Large Bird House 3 New!Large Bird House 3 $595.00
Large Bird House 2 New!Large Bird House 2 $595.00
Large Bird House 1 New!Large Bird House 1 $595.00
Medium Bird House 3 New!Medium Bird House 3 $490.00
Small Bird House 3 New!Small Bird House 3 $330.00
Small Bird House 2 New!Small Bird House 2 $330.00
Small Bird House 1 New!Small Bird House 1 $330.00
Astro Pendant New!Astro Pendant $159.00
Satellite Pendant New!Satellite Pendant $179.00
Pop Wire Blue Floor Lamp Pop Wire Blue Floor Lamp $149.97reg. $199.00More Colors Available
Pop Wire Orange Floor Lamp Pop Wire Orange Floor Lamp $149.97reg. $199.00More Colors Available
Pillar Floor Lamp New!Pillar Floor Lamp $199.00
Cosmos Floor Lamp New!Cosmos Floor Lamp $219.00
Unicorn Table Lamp New!Unicorn Table Lamp $79.00
Cata-Pencil New!Cata-Pencil $3.95
Racing Penguins New!Racing Penguins $7.95
Moon Torch New!Moon Torch $4.95
Fart in a Can New!Fart in a Can $9.95
Duck Bath Toy New!Duck Bath Toy $6.95
Army Men New!Army Men $2.95
Slime Suckers New!Slime Suckers $2.95
Glow Dinosaur New!Glow Dinosaur $6.95
Hair Wraps New!Hair Wraps $9.95
Rocket Pen New!Rocket Pen $7.95
Windup Submarine New!Windup Submarine $7.95
Rainbow Twirler New!Rainbow Twirler $3.95
Wind Up Scooters New!Wind Up Scooters $11.95