Check out the latest and greatest from The Land Nod. From new toys to new decor, we can't wait to show off our newest kids items and baby items all in one place.


Perennial Playhouse New!Perennial Playhouse $199.00
Suzy's Playhouse New!Suzy's Playhouse $179.00
Decorate-a-Teepee and Patch Set New!Decorate-a-Teepee and Patch Set $159.00 - $199.00
Superstar Stage New!Superstar Stage $299.00
Street Vendor Cart New!Street Vendor Cart $249.00
Metro Line City Set New!Metro Line City Set $149.00
A-Frame Dollhouse New!A-Frame Dollhouse $149.00
Bike Ride On New!Bike Ride On $69.00
Tractor Ride On New!Tractor Ride On $70.00
Zebra Rocker New!Zebra Rocker $149.00
Non-Flying Saucer New!Non-Flying Saucer $349.00
Airplane Ride-On New!Airplane Ride-On $99.00
Orange Wagon New!Orange Wagon $69.00
Giant Plush Dragon New!Giant Plush Dragon $149.00
Noddingham Castle New!Noddingham Castle $99.00
Red Draped Horse New!Red Draped Horse $8.95
Medieval Queen New!Medieval Queen $8.95
Young Unicorn New!Young Unicorn $8.95
Set of 6 Medieval Hand Puppets New!Set of 6 Medieval Hand Puppets $69.00reg. $77.70
Mail Call Play Set New!Mail Call Play Set $89.00
City in a Box New!City in a Box $59.00
Fold n' Go Castle New!Fold n' Go Castle $69.00
Ballerina Belle Dolls (Set of 3) New!Ballerina Belle Dolls (Set of 3) $39.00reg. $44.85
Magic Fairy Dolls (Set of 3) New!Magic Fairy Dolls (Set of 3) $39.00reg. $44.85
Joey Nod Baby Doll New!Joey Nod Baby Doll $39.00
Mod Doll Pram New!Mod Doll Pram $69.00
Mod Doll Bed New!Mod Doll Bed $59.00 - $79.00
Mod Doll Beds (Set of 2) New!Mod Doll Beds (Set of 2) $118.00 - $149.00
Fridge Play Food New!Fridge Play Food $29.00
Pantry Play Food New!Pantry Play Food $29.00
Fountain Bowl Set New!Fountain Bowl Set $19.95
Tea Set New!Tea Set $24.95
Pint Sized Table and Chairs New!Pint Sized Table and Chairs $169.15reg. $199.00
Cheval Mirror New!Cheval Mirror $159.00
Flag Football New!Flag Football $59.00
Vintage Woodie Wagon New!Vintage Woodie Wagon $25.00 - $37.00
Vintage Racecar New!Vintage Racecar $25.00 - $37.00
Vintage Tow Truck New!Vintage Tow Truck $25.00 - $37.00
Fishing Game New!Fishing Game $29.00
Nod Bingo New!Nod Bingo $34.00
Action Plates New!Action Plates $22.95
Kraft Sketchbook New!Kraft Sketchbook $12.95
Gnome Crayons New!Gnome Crayons $12.95
Wooden Ship Puzzle New!Wooden Ship Puzzle $14.95
Monkey Bowling New!Monkey Bowling $29.00
Skipping Rope New!Skipping Rope $14.95
Walking Cups New!Walking Cups $12.95
Duck Push Toy New!Duck Push Toy $24.95
Bale of Hay Seat New!Bale of Hay Seat $69.00
Floor Cushion (Planetarium) New!Floor Cushion (Planetarium) $69.00More Colors Available
Feed a Frog Game New!Feed a Frog Game $14.95
Carrot Solitaire New!Carrot Solitaire $22.95
Tea Party Game New!Tea Party Game $16.95
Traffic Bingo New!Traffic Bingo $6.95
Sensory Tumbling New!Sensory Tumbling $19.95
Wooden Rattle New!Wooden Rattle $12.95
Rattling Snake New!Rattling Snake $29.00
Happy Puppy New!Happy Puppy $24.95
Dog Color Wheelers New!Dog Color Wheelers $14.95
Red Color Wheelies New!Red Color Wheelies $14.95 each
Turquoise Color Wheelies New!Turquoise Color Wheelies $14.95 each
Blue Sailing Boat New!Blue Sailing Boat $12.95
Red Sailing Boat New!Red Sailing Boat $12.95More Colors Available
Oval Xylophone New!Oval Xylophone $24.95
Double Drum New!Double Drum $34.00
Rain Maker New!Rain Maker $19.95
Rhythm Box New!Rhythm Box $59.00
Xylophone New!Xylophone $12.95
Jingle Stick New!Jingle Stick $8.95
Kids Tambourine New!Kids Tambourine $8.95
Piano Horn New!Piano Horn $8.95
Pea Pod Baby Costume Pea Pod Baby Costume $39.97reg. $59.00
Inchworm Baby Costume Inchworm Baby Costume $39.97reg. $59.00
Kids Magic Wand New!Kids Magic Wand $5.95
Mini Fire Engine New!Mini Fire Engine $14.95
Mini Bulldozer New!Mini Bulldozer $14.95
Mini Garbage Truck New!Mini Garbage Truck $14.95
Mini Cement Truck New!Mini Cement Truck $14.95
Mini Excavator New!Mini Excavator $14.95
The Polar Express New!The Polar Express $19.99
Winter New!Winter $4.95
The Snowy Day New!The Snowy Day $6.99
Circus in the Sky New!Circus in the Sky $19.00
Jude's Moon New!Jude's Moon $19.95
Good Cheer Stocking Collection New!Good Cheer Stocking Collection $29.00 - $38.00
Good Cheer Red Stocking New!Good Cheer Red Stocking $29.00 - $38.00
Good Cheer Green Stocking New!Good Cheer Green Stocking $29.00 - $38.00
Festive Folklore Deer Stocking New!Festive Folklore Deer Stocking $29.00 - $38.00
Festive Folklore Bunny Stocking New!Festive Folklore Bunny Stocking $29.00 - $38.00
Holiday Helper Santa Stocking New!Holiday Helper Santa Stocking $35.00 - $44.00
Holiday Helper Moose Stocking New!Holiday Helper Moose Stocking $35.00 - $44.00
Holiday Helper Bear Stocking New!Holiday Helper Bear Stocking $35.00 - $44.00
Picture Perfect Space Stocking New!Picture Perfect Space Stocking $35.00 - $44.00
Merry Mascot Dino Stocking New!Merry Mascot Dino Stocking $35.00 - $44.00
Merry Mascot Panda Stocking New!Merry Mascot Panda Stocking $35.00 - $44.00
Merry Mascot Kitty Stocking New!Merry Mascot Kitty Stocking $35.00 - $44.00
Merry Mascot Giraffe Stocking New!Merry Mascot Giraffe Stocking $35.00 - $44.00
Yuletide Spirit Mouse Stocking New!Yuletide Spirit Mouse Stocking $26.00 - $35.00
Yuletide Spirit Bear Stocking New!Yuletide Spirit Bear Stocking $26.00 - $35.00
Palm Desert Ornaments New!Palm Desert Ornaments $8.95 each
Emoji Ornaments New!Emoji Ornaments $6.95 each
Deer Ornament New!Deer Ornament $9.95
Llama Ornament New!Llama Ornament $9.95
Holiday Helper Ornaments New!Holiday Helper Ornaments $8.95 each
Wooden Letter Ornaments New!Wooden Letter Ornaments $6.95 each
Christmas Crew Ornaments New!Christmas Crew Ornaments $8.95 each
Merry Meadow Ornaments New!Merry Meadow Ornaments $8.95 each
Rad Tidings Ornaments New!Rad Tidings Ornaments $5.95 each
Jolly Geo 2016 Ornament New!Jolly Geo 2016 Ornament $6.95 each
Good Cheer Ornaments New!Good Cheer Ornaments $8.95 each
Ocean Life Ornament New!Ocean Life Ornament $8.95 each
Festive Felt Bright Garland Festive Felt Bright Garland $25.00More Colors Available
Snowflake Garland New!Snowflake Garland $14.95
Dreidel Garland New!Dreidel Garland $14.95
Alpaca Wreath New!Alpaca Wreath $39.00
Octo-Menorah New!Octo-Menorah $35.00
Lego Storage Brick 4 New!Lego Storage Brick 4 $29.00 each
Lego Storage Brick 8 New!Lego Storage Brick 8 $39.00 each
Wild Zebra Sleeping Bag New!Wild Zebra Sleeping Bag $99.00 - $108.00
Wild Dinosaur Sleeping Bag New!Wild Dinosaur Sleeping Bag $99.00 - $108.00
Wild Owl Sleeping Bag New!Wild Owl Sleeping Bag $99.00 - $108.00
Hearts and Stripes Sleeping Bag New!Hearts and Stripes Sleeping Bag $89.00 - $98.00
Mermaid Myth Sleeping Bag New!Mermaid Myth Sleeping Bag $129.00 - $138.00
Pirate Island Sleeping Bag New!Pirate Island Sleeping Bag $129.00 - $138.00
Geo Pop Sleeping Bag New!