Bring your children's imagination to life with all the baby & kids toys that Land of Nod has to offer. Dress up clothes, accessories and playhouses allow your kids to dive into the world of make-believe. From summer camp to the bottom of ocean to an African safari, you can find the perfect props for pretend play. Don't forget to add some fun games to your playroom as well! We've got lots of choices from wooden blocks to puzzles to checkers. You can also help your kids play house with baby dolls, toy kitchens, and fake food. If you still have a young baby or toddler, we've got plenty of toys and activities here for little ones, too. Find rattles, balls and activity mats all designed for specially for babies. Our toys and games make the perfect gifts for holidays and birthdays, no matter what age your child is turning!


Suzy's Playhouse New!Suzy's Playhouse $179.00
Perennial Playhouse New!Perennial Playhouse $199.00
Decorate-a-Teepee and Patch Set New!Decorate-a-Teepee and Patch Set $159.00 - $199.00
A Teepee to Call Your Own (Black Stripe) A Teepee to Call Your Own (Black Stripe) $159.00More Colors Available
A Teepee to Call Your Own (Orange Stripe) A Teepee to Call Your Own (Orange Stripe) $159.00More Colors Available
A Teepee to Call Your Own (Multi Dot) A Teepee to Call Your Own (Multi Dot) $159.00More Colors Available
Jetaire Camper Playhouse Jetaire Camper Playhouse $198.97reg. $249.00
Mushroom Playhouse Mushroom Playhouse $249.97reg. $299.00
Skyscraper Playhouse Canopy Skyscraper Playhouse Canopy $99.97reg. $189.00
Lace Teepee with Garlands Lace Teepee with Garlands $159.97reg. $189.00
Freezy Dream Ice Cream Truck Freezy Dream Ice Cream Truck $149.97reg. $249.00
Gearhead Garage Playhouse Gearhead Garage Playhouse $179.97reg. $299.00
Boulder Buddy Pouf Boulder Buddy Pouf $34.00 - $69.00
Giant Plush Dragon New!Giant Plush Dragon $149.00
Bike Ride On New!Bike Ride On $69.00
Tractor Ride On New!Tractor Ride On $70.00
Zebra Rocker New!Zebra Rocker $149.00
Non-Flying Saucer New!Non-Flying Saucer $349.00
Airplane Ride-On New!Airplane Ride-On $99.00
Swan Plush Swan Plush $89.00
Lion Rocker Lion Rocker $129.00
Arctic Rocker Arctic Rocker $129.00
Superstar Stage New!Superstar Stage $299.00
Street Vendor Cart New!Street Vendor Cart $249.00
Metro Line City Set New!Metro Line City Set $149.00
Artsy Easel Artsy Easel $149.00
A-Frame Dollhouse New!A-Frame Dollhouse $149.00
Fold n' Go Castle New!Fold n' Go Castle $69.00
City in a Box New!City in a Box $59.00
Magic Fairy Dolls (Set of 3) New!Magic Fairy Dolls (Set of 3) $39.00reg. $44.85
Ballerina Belle Dolls (Set of 3) New!Ballerina Belle Dolls (Set of 3) $39.00reg. $44.85
Joey Nod Baby Doll New!Joey Nod Baby Doll $39.00
Mod Doll Pram New!Mod Doll Pram $69.00
Mod Doll Bed New!Mod Doll Bed $59.00 - $79.00
Mod Doll Beds (Set of 2) New!Mod Doll Beds (Set of 2) $118.00 - $149.00
Orange Wagon New!Orange Wagon $69.00
Noddingham Castle New!Noddingham Castle $99.00
Red Draped Horse New!Red Draped Horse $8.95
Medieval Queen New!Medieval Queen $8.95
Young Unicorn New!Young Unicorn $8.95
Set of 6 Medieval Hand Puppets New!Set of 6 Medieval Hand Puppets $69.00reg. $77.70
Mail Call Play Set New!Mail Call Play Set $89.00
Cheval Mirror New!Cheval Mirror $159.00
Future Foodie Play Kitchen Set Future Foodie Play Kitchen Set $699.00reg. $817.00
Fridge Play Food New!Fridge Play Food $29.00
Pantry Play Food New!Pantry Play Food $29.00
Fountain Bowl Set New!Fountain Bowl Set $19.95
Tea Set New!Tea Set $24.95
Wee Workout Baby Gym (Natural) Wee Workout Baby Gym (Natural) $89.00 - $109.00More Colors Available
Dog Color Wheelers New!Dog Color Wheelers $14.95
Happy Puppy New!Happy Puppy $24.95
Red Color Wheelies New!Red Color Wheelies $14.95 each
Turquoise Color Wheelies New!Turquoise Color Wheelies $14.95 each
Wooden Rattle New!Wooden Rattle $12.95
Sensory Tumbling New!Sensory Tumbling $19.95
Happy Pop Up New!Happy Pop Up $12.95
Hammer Balls Hammer Balls $29.00
Celestial Baby Rattles Celestial Baby Rattles $7.95 - $19.95
Rattling Snake New!Rattling Snake $29.00
Blue Sailing Boat New!Blue Sailing Boat $12.95
Red Sailing Boat New!Red Sailing Boat $12.95More Colors Available
Camera Camera $14.95
Duck Push Toy New!Duck Push Toy $24.95
Nautical Boat (Red) Nautical Boat (Red) $6.95More Colors Available
Nautical Boat (Blue) Nautical Boat (Blue) $6.95More Colors Available
Nautical Boat (White) Nautical Boat (White) $6.95More Colors Available
Sort it Out Sort it Out $32.00
Color Car Color Car $14.95
Afghan Hound Afghan Hound $32.95
Corduroy Fox Corduroy Fox $25.95
Mythical Edition Plush Unicorns Mythical Edition Plush Unicorns $12.95 - $29.00More Colors Available
Tool Box Tool Box $34.00
Fishing Game New!Fishing Game $29.00
Nod Bingo New!Nod Bingo $34.00
Flag Football New!Flag Football $59.00
Traffic Bingo New!Traffic Bingo $6.95
Tea Party Game New!Tea Party Game $16.95
Carrot Solitaire New!Carrot Solitaire $22.95
Feed a Frog Game New!Feed a Frog Game $14.95
Go Fish Cards New!Go Fish Cards $9.95
Wooden Ship Puzzle New!Wooden Ship Puzzle $14.95
Monkey Bowling New!Monkey Bowling $29.00
Skipping Rope New!Skipping Rope $14.95
Action Plates New!Action Plates $22.95
Gnome Crayons New!Gnome Crayons $12.95
Kraft Sketchbook New!Kraft Sketchbook $12.95
Art Jar Art Jar $29.00
Weaving Loom New!Weaving Loom $29.00