Make bathtime fun with bath toys for kids and toddlers. From traditional rubber duckies to floating boats and more getting clean has never been more entertaining. Scoop, dump and squirt water with one of our bathtub toys. Try them in the pool or shower too. Some toys can help wash or rinse hair and all are great for little hands. Kids and parents alike will love these bath toys.


Duck Bath Toy New!Duck Bath Toy $6.95 Flat Rate Eligible$6.95
Blue Sailing Boat New!Blue Sailing Boat $6.95 Flat Rate Eligible$12.95
Red Sailing Boat New!Red Sailing Boat $6.95 Flat Rate Eligible$12.95More Colors Available
Fountain Bowl Set Fountain Bowl Set $6.95 Flat Rate Eligible$15.97reg. $19.95
Ferry Boat Ferry Boat $6.95 Flat Rate Eligible$24.95
Seaplane Seaplane $6.95 Flat Rate Eligible$19.95
Windup Diver Windup Diver $6.95 Flat Rate Eligible$4.95
Fishbowl Sorter Bath Toy Fishbowl Sorter Bath Toy $6.95 Flat Rate Eligible$19.95
Rainball Bath Toy Rainball Bath Toy $6.95 Flat Rate Eligible$12.95
Monster Duck Show Monster Duck Show $6.95 Flat Rate Eligible$16.95
All That Glitters Is Goldfish All That Glitters Is Goldfish $6.95 Flat Rate Eligible$14.95
Tubby the Tugboat Tubby the Tugboat $6.95 Flat Rate Eligible$14.95
Whale Bath Toy Whale Bath Toy $6.95 Flat Rate Eligible$12.95
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