Nestled in the Wisconsin woods lies Camp Wandawega, a picturesque retreat reminiscent of a classic summer camp. There, adults and kids alike will find magic and memories on nights around the campfire or days spent on the lake. At Land of Nod, we were so captivated by the rustic decor, vintage charm and the pure nostalgia of Camp Wandawega that we needed to find a way to share it with you. Hence, our collaboration, Camp Wandawega for Nod, was born. Now you can create a kids bedroom filled with lake house decor that inspires a love of nature and adventure in your kids. A campfire night light, woodsy wall art and cozy throw pillows showcase the best of northwoods cabin decor. You can also bring the outdoors in thanks to our camping toys. Go big with a tent playhouse or a vintage camper playhouse. Find a dollhouse modeled after the famous Camp Wandawega treehouse. A plush canoe and campfire add even more fun ways for your kids to get excited about the great outdoors before ever leaving the house. With plentiful inspiration from nature and the grounds at Camp Wandawega, we could not have had more fun creating this collection of rustic, cabin decor for your kids to enjoy.


Happy Camper Teepee Happy Camper Teepee $119.97reg. $159.00
Large Northwoods Plaid Nod Chair Large Northwoods Plaid Nod Chair $99.97 - $108.97reg. $129.00 - $136.00
Dapper Raccoon Pillow Dapper Raccoon Pillow $6.95 Flat Rate Eligible$14.97reg. $24.00
Frankie the Dog Pillow Frankie the Dog Pillow $6.95 Flat Rate Eligible$7.97reg. $24.00
Cable Knit Camp Pillow Cable Knit Camp Pillow $6.95 Flat Rate Eligible$14.97reg. $39.00
Comfy Camp Pillow Comfy Camp Pillow $6.95 Flat Rate Eligible$14.97reg. $39.00
Camp Spirit Bullhorn Camp Spirit Bullhorn $9.97reg. $29.00
Junior Archer Play Set Junior Archer Play Set $54.97reg. $69.00
Frontier Cap & Walking Stick Frontier Cap & Walking Stick $24.97reg. $49.00
Reel Life Fishing Outfit Reel Life Fishing Outfit $34.97reg. $69.00
Bull's Eye Slingshot Set Bull's Eye Slingshot Set $19.97reg. $29.00
Pennant Wheel Wall Art Pennant Wheel Wall Art $39.97reg. $69.00
Jetaire Camper Playhouse Jetaire Camper Playhouse $198.97reg. $249.00
Bear Throw Pillow Bear Throw Pillow $6.95 Flat Rate Eligible$29.00
Campground Sheet Set Campground Sheet Set $6.95 Flat Rate Eligible$69.97 - $99.97reg. $99.00 - $119.00
Campground Throw Pillow (Tree) Campground Throw Pillow (Tree) $6.95 Flat Rate Eligible$19.97reg. $24.00
Campground Blanket Campground Blanket $6.95 Flat Rate Eligible$49.97reg. $69.00
Campground Throw Pillow (Tent) Campground Throw Pillow (Tent) $6.95 Flat Rate Eligible$9.97reg. $32.00
Wood Slice Ornament Wood Slice Ornament $2.97reg. $7.95
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