Charley Harper for Nod
About the Collection

No one changed the way we look at the natural world more than wildlife artist Charley Harper. His simple yet intricate art effortlessly captures the complexities of the great outdoors. And we’re thrilled to introduce a collection that embodies the spirit of his timeless style.

Artist Charley Harper Koalas by Charley Harper
An Iconic Artist

Charley Harper had the unique ability to bring order to the natural world. With the use of simple shapes and lines, Charley Harper’s artwork is at once simple and complex, effortlessly capturing the spirit of the outdoors. His one-of-a-kind aesthetic has made him one of the most iconic artists in history.

Tiger by Charley Harper Patch on Quilt from The Land of Nod used paint and paint brushes in Charley Harper's studio

Patch on quilt recreates the pant leg where Charley Harper wiped his brushes while painting.

Zebras by Charley Harper Shop the Collection animated illustration of Nod Tour Bus Follow the Bus #charleyharperfornod
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