With treehouses, pirate ships, campers and more, The Land of Nod has all the kids dollhouses your little one needs to play with their dolls. Dollhouse furniture and accessories let kids arrange the perfect space for their plush little friends. Build a diverse group of dolls with options ranging from sporty athletes and graceful ballerinas to magical fairies and deep sea mermaids. For big kids, try more intricate miniature play sets, with smaller, more detailed figures. Make the playroom magical with a few extra tea party guests and their traveling homes.


Magic Fairy Dolls (Set of 3) New!Magic Fairy Dolls (Set of 3) $39.00reg. $44.85
Green Ballerina Belle Doll New!Green Ballerina Belle Doll $14.95 - $44.85
Orange Ballerina Belle Doll New!Orange Ballerina Belle Doll $14.95 - $44.85
Pink Ballerina Belle Doll New!Pink Ballerina Belle Doll $14.95 - $44.85
Princess Fairytale Doll Princess Fairytale Doll $29.97reg. $39.00
Rapunzel Fairytale Doll Rapunzel Fairytale Doll $29.97reg. $39.00
Knit Crowd Sporty Meg Doll Knit Crowd Sporty Meg Doll $24.97reg. $29.00
A-Frame Dollhouse New!A-Frame Dollhouse $149.00
Joey Nod Baby Doll New!Joey Nod Baby Doll $39.00
Mod Doll Bed New!Mod Doll Bed $59.00 - $79.00
Mod Doll Beds (Set of 2) New!Mod Doll Beds (Set of 2) $99.00 - $149.00reg. $118.00 - $157.00
Mod Doll Pram New!Mod Doll Pram $69.00
Crescent Moon Doll Crib New!Crescent Moon Doll Crib $29.00 - $79.00
Rosa Doll Size Teepee Rosa Doll Size Teepee $24.97reg. $34.00
Doll-Size Camper Doll-Size Camper $64.97reg. $79.00
Fold n' Go Farmhouse Fold n' Go Farmhouse $49.97reg. $69.00
Fold n' Go Castle Fold n' Go Castle $54.97reg. $69.00
City in a Box City in a Box $44.97reg. $59.00
Construction Set Construction Set $44.97reg. $59.00
Blue Medieval Fair Lady Blue Medieval Fair Lady $3.97reg. $8.95
Cottage Dollhouse Nursery Cottage Dollhouse Nursery $9.97reg. $21.95
Dolls of the World (Spanish) Dolls of the World (Spanish) $17.97reg. $29.00
Girl Lisa Doll Girl Lisa Doll $8.97reg. $29.00
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