Gift giving on a budget doesn't mean you can't still find amazing presents. At Land of Nod, shop gifts under $10 that are sure to still excite your little ones, whether it's a Christmas present or birthday gift. Our selection of coloring books are completely affordable, while also being fun and fantastic for creativity. For babies, we have sweet picture books and soft rattles. For big kids, we have fun games like checkers and tic-tac-toe to play on trips. We also have some inexpensive puzzles or toy cars, boats and planes for a little boy. No matter what your budget, you can find a fabulous gifts for your kids at Land of Nod!


Light Up Disc (Assorted) Light Up Disc (Assorted) $2.97reg. $3.95
Army Men Army Men $2.95
Moon Torch Moon Torch $4.95
Rocket Pen Rocket Pen $7.95
Piano Horn Piano Horn $8.95
Trapeze Monkey Trapeze Monkey $7.97reg. $9.95
Coloring Washi Tape Coloring Washi Tape $5.97reg. $7.95
Magnetic Hangman Magnetic Hangman $4.97reg. $6.95
The Three Bears New!The Three Bears $4.99
The Swing New!The Swing $8.95
Trains Go Trains Go $9.99
Nautical Boat (Red) Nautical Boat (Red) $4.97reg. $6.95More Colors Available
Nautical Boat (Blue) Nautical Boat (Blue) $4.97reg. $6.95
Nautical Boat (White) Nautical Boat (White) $4.97reg. $6.95More Colors Available
Wood Shop Letters Wood Shop Letters $8.00 - $8.95
Fall Fall $2.97reg. $4.95
Spinny Speller Spinny Speller $7.97reg. $9.95
Pinky Ball Pinky Ball $1.95
Funny Face Funny Face $3.97reg. $4.95
Bubbles Bubbles $1.95
Flutophone Is For You Flutophone Is For You $4.97reg. $5.95
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