We know the Easter bunny is always looking for fun Easter gifts to fill up baskets with, which is why we made a page filled with ideas of fun toys, books and games to choose from. Your kids will be thrilled when they find their Easter baskets on Sunday morning filled with goodies, gifts and candy! With a variety of toys to choose from, you can find Easter gifts for babies, toddlers, and big kids. In addition to little toys, you can also find Easter stuffed animals and Easter books that make great kids gifts, too. With so many adorable items to choose from, it'll be a breeze putting together Easter baskets this Spring.


Jellycat Tutu Lulu Pink Bunny Jellycat Tutu Lulu Pink Bunny $16.00More Colors Available
Jellycat Tutu Lulu Cream Bunny Jellycat Tutu Lulu Cream Bunny $16.00More Colors Available
Furry Animal Nod Chair (Bunny) Furry Animal Nod Chair (Bunny) $149.00 - $158.00More Colors Available
Nautical Boat (Blue) Nautical Boat (Blue) $2.97reg. $6.95More Colors Available
Cubebot Cubebot $9.97reg. $15.95
Magnetic Hangman Magnetic Hangman $4.97reg. $6.95
Giant Eraser Giant Eraser $1.97reg. $2.95
Bubbles Bubbles $1.95
Easter Easter $3.97reg. $4.95
Celestial Baby Rattles Celestial Baby Rattles $8.00 - $20.00
Farmland Bib (Yellow Duck) Farmland Bib (Yellow Duck) $15.00More Colors Available
Farmland Bib (Pink Pig) Farmland Bib (Pink Pig) $15.00More Colors Available
Farmland Bib (Natural Lamb) Farmland Bib (Natural Lamb) $15.00More Colors Available
Farmland Bib (Grey Pony) Farmland Bib (Grey Pony) $15.00More Colors Available
Farmland Booties (Yellow Duck) Farmland Booties (Yellow Duck) $25.00 eachMore Colors Available
Farmland Booties (Pink Pig) Farmland Booties (Pink Pig) $25.00 eachMore Colors Available
Farmland Booties (Natural Lamb) Farmland Booties (Natural Lamb) $25.00More Colors Available
Farmland Booties (Grey Pony) Farmland Booties (Grey Pony) $25.00 eachMore Colors Available
Babysoy One-Piece (Green) Babysoy One-Piece (Green) $20.00 eachMore Colors Available
Babysoy Pink Gown Babysoy Pink Gown $20.00 eachMore Colors Available
Babysoy Footie Pajamas (Navy) Babysoy Footie Pajamas (Navy) $29.00 eachMore Colors Available
Babysoy Footie Pants (Grey) Babysoy Footie Pants (Grey) $15.00 eachMore Colors Available
Babysoy Beanie (Pink) Babysoy Beanie (Pink) $8.00 eachMore Colors Available
Babysoy Bib (Green) Babysoy Bib (Green) $6.00More Colors Available
Snowbunny Fleece One-Piece Snowbunny Fleece One-Piece $29.97 eachreg. $44.00 each
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