Our Hello Playtime decor collection is filled with abstract shapes and vibrant colors to make your kids room feel like a fun-filled 80s party. Your kids are sure to love the quirky shapes and neon colors, while you're sure to love the 80s nostalgia. From floor to ceiling, you can find rugs, storage, decor and lights that will remind you of this colorful decade. Adding some 80s decor to your kids room quickly makes the space lively and energetic, just like your kids. If you still have an old boombox tucked away in storage, try using it as a decoration on a shelf for a really authentic look!


Dusen Dusen Playhouse Dusen Dusen Playhouse $59.97reg. $159.00
Roller Skate Throw Pillow Roller Skate Throw Pillow $14.97reg. $24.00
Indoor + Outdoor Rug (Black) Indoor + Outdoor Rug (Black) $129.00 - $399.00More Colors Available
Cubic Bookcase (White, 12-Cube) Cubic Bookcase (White, 12-Cube) $599.00More Colors Available
Origami Wall Shelf Origami Wall Shelf $9.97 - $25.00
Little Felix Chair (Red) Little Felix Chair (Red) $69.00More Colors Available
Square Away Acrylic Cube Shelf Square Away Acrylic Cube Shelf $25.00 - $29.00More Colors Available
Eric Trine Linear Black Book Cart Eric Trine Linear Black Book Cart $199.97reg. $299.00More Colors Available
Scatter Print Floor Bin Scatter Print Floor Bin $14.97reg. $32.00
Great Pyramid Wall Hook Great Pyramid Wall Hook $5.97 eachreg. $12.95 each
Sticker Book Rug Sticker Book Rug $149.97 - $329.97reg. $299.00 - $399.00
Wheels Up Poster Decal Wheels Up Poster Decal $29.97reg. $39.00
Rainbow Charm Sham Rainbow Charm Sham $14.97reg. $32.00
Wood Shop Letters Wood Shop Letters $8.00 each
Numeral Metal Stool (Blue) Numeral Metal Stool (Blue) $29.97reg. $59.00More Colors Available
Roller Rink Rug (Pink) Roller Rink Rug (Pink) $299.97reg. $349.00
Blake White Changing Table Blake White Changing Table $129.00 - $899.00More Colors Available
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