Musical instruments for kids are a wonderful way for your little ones to have fun and learn at the same time. Making music with guitars, xylophones, drums and tambourines is a fantastic way to spend an afternoon with your tykes, learning about rhythms and sound. Turn playgroup into band practice with sing-alongs and musical instruments, or give the gift of music to toddlers and children, who can continue to play them for years to come. With a range of instruments to choose from, you can find one for every age and price range—so what's stopping you? Go out and make some music!


Classic Wooden Toy Guitar Classic Wooden Toy Guitar Free Shipping$32.00
Jingle Stick Jingle Stick Free Shipping$9.00
Rain Maker Rain Maker Free Shipping$20.00
Kids Tambourine Kids Tambourine Free Shipping$9.00
Melody Bells (Set of 8) Melody Bells (Set of 8) Free Shipping$29.97reg. $39.00
Superstar Microphone Superstar Microphone Free Shipping$59.00
Triangles (Set of 3) Triangles (Set of 3) Free Shipping$8.00
Oval Xylophone Oval Xylophone Free Shipping$25.00
Piano Horn Piano Horn Free Shipping$8.95
Band in a Box Band in a Box Free Shipping$19.97reg. $29.00
Wood Drum Wood Drum Free Shipping$25.00
Harmonica Harmonica Free Shipping$4.95
Mini Maracas (Set of 2) Mini Maracas (Set of 2) Free Shipping$5.00 each
Wooden Bird Whistle (Assorted) Wooden Bird Whistle (Assorted) Free Shipping$2.95
Accordion Accordion Free Shipping$32.00
Wolfgang Amadeus Jr. Piano Wolfgang Amadeus Jr. Piano Free Shipping$79.00
Flutophone Is For You Flutophone Is For You Free Shipping$4.97reg. $5.95
Nod Fam Jams Nod Fam Jams Free Shipping$12.95
Plush Jamboree Accordion Plush Jamboree Accordion Free Shipping$39.97reg. $59.00
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