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Whether they're toy, plush or the real deal, our kids musical instrument toys are always in tune.


Electric Guitar New!Electric Guitar Free Shipping$199.00
Acrylic Electric Guitar New!Acrylic Electric Guitar Free Shipping$299.00
We're Jammin' Drum Set New!We're Jammin' Drum Set Free Shipping$199.00
Band in a Box New!Band in a Box Free Shipping$29.00
Hey Mr. Tambourine Man New!Hey Mr. Tambourine Man Free Shipping$6.95
A-Okay Ukulele New!A-Okay Ukulele Free Shipping$49.00
Baby's Got a Squeeze Box Concertina New!Baby's Got a Squeeze Box Concertina Free Shipping$24.95
Wood Drum New!Wood Drum Free Shipping$24.95
Melody Bells (Set of 8) New!Melody Bells (Set of 8) Free Shipping$39.00
Mini Maracas (Set of 2) New!Mini Maracas (Set of 2) Free Shipping$4.95 each
Wooden Bird Whistle (Assorted) New!Wooden Bird Whistle (Assorted) Free Shipping$2.95
Piano Horn New!Piano Horn Free Shipping$8.95
Mini Electric Piano New!Mini Electric Piano Free Shipping$14.95
Large Slide Whistle New!Large Slide Whistle Free Shipping$5.95
Rainbow Xylophone New!Rainbow Xylophone Free Shipping$39.00
Accordion Accordion Free Shipping$32.00
Wolfgang Amadeus Jr. Piano Wolfgang Amadeus Jr. Piano Free Shipping$79.00
Harmonica Harmonica Free Shipping$7.95
Flutophone Is For You Flutophone Is For You Free Shipping$5.95
The Great Kazoo The Great Kazoo Free Shipping$3.95
Animal Shakers Animal Shakers Free Shipping$9.95 each
Nod Fam Jams New!Nod Fam Jams Free Shipping$12.95
Strum and Get It Acoustic Guitar Strum and Get It Acoustic Guitar Free Shipping$39.97reg. $59.00
Plush Jamboree Accordion Plush Jamboree Accordion Free Shipping$39.97reg. $59.00
Plush Jamboree Cymbals Plush Jamboree Cymbals Free Shipping$14.97reg. $29.00
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