Whether they're toy, plush or the real deal, our kids musical instrument toys are always in tune.


Xylophone New!Xylophone $12.95
Jingle Stick New!Jingle Stick $8.95
Rhythm Box New!Rhythm Box $59.00
Double Drum New!Double Drum $34.00
Rain Maker New!Rain Maker $19.95
Kids Tambourine New!Kids Tambourine $8.95
Oval Xylophone New!Oval Xylophone $24.95
Piano Horn New!Piano Horn $8.95
Wood Drum Wood Drum $24.95
Harmonica Harmonica $4.95
Accordion Accordion $32.00
Nod Fam Jams Nod Fam Jams $12.95
Electric Guitar Electric Guitar $149.97reg. $199.00
Plush Jamboree Accordion Plush Jamboree Accordion $39.97reg. $59.00
Plush Jamboree Cymbals Plush Jamboree Cymbals $14.97reg. $29.00
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