Musical instruments for kids are a wonderful way for your little ones to have fun and learn at the same time. Making music with guitars, xylophones, drums and tambourines is a fantastic way to spend an afternoon with your tykes, learning about rhythms and sound. Turn playgroup into band practice with sing-alongs and musical instruments, or give the gift of music to toddlers and children, who can continue to play them for years to come. With a range of instruments to choose from, you can find one for every age and price range—so what's stopping you? Go out and make some music!


Rain Maker Rain Maker $20.00
Piano Horn Piano Horn $8.95
Band in a Box Band in a Box $19.97reg. $29.00
Wood Drum Wood Drum $25.00
Harmonica Harmonica $4.95
Accordion Accordion $32.00
Flutophone Is For You Flutophone Is For You $4.97reg. $5.95
Nod Fam Jams Nod Fam Jams $12.95
Plush Jamboree Accordion Plush Jamboree Accordion $39.97reg. $59.00
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