Check out all the new decor available at The Land of Nod. Our new baby and kids' room decor items are just what you need to finish the look of your kids' room.


Small Bird House 1 New!Small Bird House 1 Free Shipping$330.00
Water Bloom 2 New!Water Bloom 2 Free Shipping$1,300.00
Untitled 1 by Emily Barletta New!Untitled 1 by Emily Barletta Free Shipping$700.00
Untitled 2 by Emily Barletta New!Untitled 2 by Emily Barletta Free Shipping$700.00
Untitled 1 by Kindah Khalidy New!Untitled 1 by Kindah Khalidy Free Shipping$850.00
Untitled 2 by Kindah Khalidy New!Untitled 2 by Kindah Khalidy Free Shipping$850.00 each
Light's Call 1 New!Light's Call 1 Free Shipping$700.00
Light's Call 2 New!Light's Call 2 Free Shipping$700.00
Gold Deer Head New!Gold Deer Head Free Shipping$600.00
Blue Unicorn Head New!Blue Unicorn Head Free Shipping$600.00
Pink Unicorn Head New!Pink Unicorn Head Free Shipping$600.00
Large Bird House 3 New!Large Bird House 3 Free Shipping$595.00
Large Bird House 2 New!Large Bird House 2 Free Shipping$595.00 each
Large Bird House 1 New!Large Bird House 1 Free Shipping$595.00
Medium Bird House 3 New!Medium Bird House 3 Free Shipping$490.00
Small Bird House 3 New!Small Bird House 3 Free Shipping$330.00
Small Bird House 2 New!Small Bird House 2 Free Shipping$330.00
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