So many new ceiling lamps, table lamps and floor lamps for sale, so few rooms in need of light.


Unicorn Table Lamp New!Unicorn Table Lamp $67.15reg. $79.00
Elephant Table Lamp New!Elephant Table Lamp $67.15reg. $79.00
Gumdrop Light Pink Table Lamp New!Gumdrop Light Pink Table Lamp $84.15reg. $99.00More Colors Available
Gumdrop Grey Table Lamp New!Gumdrop Grey Table Lamp $84.15reg. $99.00More Colors Available
Cosmos Floor Lamp New!Cosmos Floor Lamp $186.15reg. $219.00
Pop Wire Orange Floor Lamp New!Pop Wire Orange Floor Lamp $169.15reg. $199.00More Colors Available
Pop Wire Blue Floor Lamp New!Pop Wire Blue Floor Lamp $169.15reg. $199.00More Colors Available
Pillar Floor Lamp New!Pillar Floor Lamp $169.15reg. $199.00
Astro Pendant New!Astro Pendant $135.15reg. $159.00
Satellite Pendant New!Satellite Pendant $152.15reg. $179.00
Sunbeam Night Light New!Sunbeam Night Light $50.15reg. $59.00
Moonbeam Night Light New!Moonbeam Night Light $50.15reg. $59.00
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