You're sure to find the perfect new area rug at The Land of Nod. If you can't find a new rug to fit your decor, we suggest you redesign your kids' room just for our rugs.


Giant Dot Rug New!Giant Dot Rug Free Shipping$299.00 - $799.00
Heritage Rug New!Heritage Rug Free Shipping$249.00 - $699.00
Alphabet Rug New!Alphabet Rug Free Shipping$299.00 - $399.00
Barcode Red Rug New!Barcode Red Rug Free Shipping$79.00 - $259.00
Barcode Blue Rug New!Barcode Blue Rug Free Shipping$79.00 - $259.00
Barcode Grey Rug New!Barcode Grey Rug Free Shipping$79.00 - $259.00
Dots and Stripes Rug New!Dots and Stripes Rug Free Shipping$299.00 - $799.00
Color Grid Rug New!Color Grid Rug Free Shipping$99.00 - $299.00
Cosmos Rug New!Cosmos Rug Free Shipping$299.00 - $799.00
Rainbow Stripe Rug New!Rainbow Stripe Rug Free Shipping$99.00 - $299.00
Indoor/Outdoor Striped Rug New!Indoor/Outdoor Striped Rug Free Shipping$129.00 - $399.00
Indoor/Outdoor Swirl Rug New!Indoor/Outdoor Swirl Rug Free Shipping$129.00 - $229.00
Indoor + Outdoor Grey Rug New!Indoor + Outdoor Grey Rug Free Shipping$129.00 - $399.00
Reversible Orange Arrow Rug New!Reversible Orange Arrow Rug Free Shipping$99.00 - $299.00
Reversible Navy Arrow Rug New!Reversible Navy Arrow Rug Free Shipping$99.00 - $299.00
Cloud Rug New!Cloud Rug Free Shipping$299.00 - $799.00
Basic Pink Rag Rug New!Basic Pink Rag Rug Free Shipping$99.00 - $299.00
Basic Blue Rag Rug New!Basic Blue Rag Rug Free Shipping$99.00 - $299.00
Square Yellow Indoor/Outdoor Rug New!Square Yellow Indoor/Outdoor Rug Free Shipping$129.00 - $399.00
Square Navy Indoor/Outdoor Rug New!Square Navy Indoor/Outdoor Rug Free Shipping$129.00 - $399.00
Geometric Bands Rug New!Geometric Bands Rug Free Shipping$129.00 - $399.00
Pyramid Reversible Pink Rug New!Pyramid Reversible Pink Rug Free Shipping$99.00 - $299.00
Pyramid Blue Reversible Rug New!Pyramid Blue Reversible Rug Free Shipping$99.00 - $299.00
Round Multicolored Shag Rug New!Round Multicolored Shag Rug Free Shipping$299.00
Sandstone Rug New!Sandstone Rug Free Shipping$299.00 - $799.00
Color Echo Rug New!Color Echo Rug Free Shipping$299.00 - $799.00
Combined Stripe Rug New!Combined Stripe Rug Free Shipping$249.00 - $699.00
Mixed Weave Rug New!Mixed Weave Rug Free Shipping$129.00 - $399.00
Rainbow Static Rag Rug New!Rainbow Static Rag Rug Free Shipping$229.00 - $649.00
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