Check out our collection of new kids toys and gifts for sale at The Land of Nod.


Kids Magic Wand New!Kids Magic Wand $5.95
Artsy Easel New!Artsy Easel $149.00
Art Jar New!Art Jar $29.00
Museum Trip New!Museum Trip Free Shipping$16.99
Rainstorm New!Rainstorm Free Shipping$16.99
Stick and Stone New!Stick and Stone Free Shipping$16.99
Shape Shift New!Shape Shift Free Shipping$16.99
Be a Friend New!Be a Friend Free Shipping$17.99
Charley Harper's Animal Alphabet New!Charley Harper's Animal Alphabet Free Shipping$10.95
Charley Harper's Book of Colors New!Charley Harper's Book of Colors Free Shipping$10.95
Charley Harper Count the Birds New!Charley Harper Count the Birds Free Shipping$10.95
I Want My Hat Back New!I Want My Hat Back Free Shipping$16.99
Pantone: Box of Color New!Pantone: Box of Color Free Shipping$12.95
The Day the Crayons Came Home New!The Day the Crayons Came Home Free Shipping$18.99
Charley Harper's Birds and Words New!Charley Harper's Birds and Words Free Shipping$34.95
Charley Harper's Animal Kingdom New!Charley Harper's Animal Kingdom Free Shipping$45.00
Mini Blue Happy Mat New!Mini Blue Happy Mat $20.00More Colors Available
Mini Lime Happy Mat New!Mini Lime Happy Mat $20.00More Colors Available
Mini Pink Happy Mat New!Mini Pink Happy Mat $20.00More Colors Available
Extra Multi Dot Teepee Cover New!Extra Multi Dot Teepee Cover $99.00More Colors Available
Extra Silver Metallic Teepee Cover New!Extra Silver Metallic Teepee Cover $99.00More Colors Available
Extra Gold Metallic Teepee Cover New!Extra Gold Metallic Teepee Cover $99.00More Colors Available
Extra Black Stripe Teepee Cover New!Extra Black Stripe Teepee Cover $99.00More Colors Available
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