Stacey Fraser created Pink Chicken in Amagansett, New York. Taking a break from corporate life and finding her footing as a new mother, Stacey used her daughter's naptime to sew clothes from the fabrics she'd collected over the years. She whipped up little sundresses for her daughters, tunics for herself, simple dressing for each. She knew she'd tapped into something people wanted and something that she, as a designer, loved. And thus, Pink Chicken was born.


Modern Mosaic Bedding Modern Mosaic Bedding 6.95 Flat Rate Eligible$79.00 - $209.00
Modern Mosaic Love Pillow Modern Mosaic Love Pillow $15.00 - $29.00
Dash of Pink Curtains Dash of Pink Curtains $14.97 - $29.97reg. $29.00 - $49.00
Bohemian Garden Toddler Bedding Bohemian Garden Toddler Bedding 6.95 Flat Rate Eligible$49.00 - $129.00
Woven Leather Rug Woven Leather Rug $399.97reg. $579.00
Bohemian Garden Crib Bedding Bohemian Garden Crib Bedding 6.95 Flat Rate Eligible$19.00 - $129.00
Pom Pom Pillow Pom Pom Pillow $15.00 - $29.00
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