The intriguing textures of our touch and feel children's books will help stimulate your little ones' senses as they read.


The Game of Mirrors The Game of Mirrors $11.00reg. $12.95
Contrasting Flash Cards Contrasting Flash Cards $21.20reg. $24.95
Plush Baby Basics Book Plush Baby Basics Book $24.65reg. $29.00
Countablock Countablock $14.40reg. $16.95
Alpha Block Alpha Block $14.40reg. $16.95
Shapes TouchThinkLearn Shapes TouchThinkLearn $12.74reg. $14.99
Numbers TouchThinkLearn Numbers TouchThinkLearn $12.74reg. $14.99
Opposites TouchThinkLearn Opposites TouchThinkLearn $12.74reg. $14.99
Colors TouchThinkLearn Colors TouchThinkLearn $12.74reg. $14.99
Gossie Gossie $5.90reg. $6.95
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