Touch and feel baby books from The Land of Nod let your little one pet a duckling, feel the moon's craters and so much more, all while learning how to read. Touch and feel books combine the familiar feel of paper books with intriguing textures such as velvet and velcro to engage your child's senses and stimulate their growing minds. From classic tales to new stories, our book collection has it all. All children's books ship free, so get reading!


Easter New!Easter Free Shipping$4.95
The Game of Mirrors The Game of Mirrors Free Shipping$12.95
Contrasting Flash Cards Contrasting Flash Cards Free Shipping$25.00
Plush Baby Basics Book Plush Baby Basics Book Free Shipping$29.00
Countablock Countablock Free Shipping$16.95
Alpha Block Alpha Block Free Shipping$16.95
Shapes TouchThinkLearn Shapes TouchThinkLearn Free Shipping$14.99
Numbers TouchThinkLearn Numbers TouchThinkLearn Free Shipping$14.99
Opposites TouchThinkLearn Opposites TouchThinkLearn Free Shipping$14.99
Colors TouchThinkLearn Colors TouchThinkLearn Free Shipping$14.99
Gossie Gossie Free Shipping$6.95
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