If your son is growing up to be quite the outdoor adventurer, our woodland themed boys bedroom is a perfect way to show off his personality inside. We've got ideas to help coordinate outdoor bedding, wall decor, room colors and more. In our inspiration room, we choose a woodsy forest green for our wall color to give a nod to the great outdoors. A rustic wood bed that shows off natural wood grain reminds us of trees and keeps the room right on its nature theme. The wall art in the room pictures teepees and a forest, which enhances the woodland theme, while a few geometric shapes from the rug and the other decor give it a slightly fresh and modern feel. Pops of bright orange add some bold, exciting color that compliments the green walls. Whether your son loves camping, fishing, hiking or hunting, this room is sure to continue inspiring his love for all outdoorsy things.

  • Aesthetic: Modern and outdoorsy

  • Colors: Hunter green, khaki, and orange.

  • Gender & Age: Boys 5-12 years old.


Cozy Contemporary Bedding Cozy Contemporary Bedding $6.95 Flat Rate Eligible$14.97 - $99.97reg. $32.00 - $209.00
Iconic Sheet Set (Arrow) Iconic Sheet Set (Arrow) $6.95 Flat Rate Eligible$59.00 - $109.00
Wanderer Throw Pillow Wanderer Throw Pillow $6.95 Flat Rate Eligible$24.00
Wrightwood Grey Stain Bed Wrightwood Grey Stain Bed $399.00 - $799.00
Indoor + Outdoor Rug (Black) Indoor + Outdoor Rug (Black) $109.65 - $339.15reg. $129.00 - $399.00More Colors Available
Surplus Wall Shelves (Green) Surplus Wall Shelves (Green) $19.97 eachreg. $39.00 - $49.00More Colors Available
Explorer Playhouse Explorer Playhouse $159.20reg. $199.00
Fresh Linen Grey Curtains Fresh Linen Grey Curtains $39.00 - $59.00More Colors Available
Mix and Match Orange Table Lamp Shade Mix and Match Orange Table Lamp Shade $20.00More Colors Available
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