Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

Whether you visit a Christmas tree farm or set up an artificial one in the living room, decorating your tree is a huge moment for the whole family each season. It’s also a time for creating traditions with kids and pulling out that have a special meaning for you, too. Here are some ideas for how to make it feel like a special occasion.

Set the mood and make it a special occasion.


No matter how tempting it might be to just do it all yourself, make sure to include the whole family. More importantly, make sure everybody in the family is having a good time.

  • Assign specific roles to each family member. Maybe mom or dad is in charge of lights, while the kids can handle the less delicate ornaments.
  • Put on your favorite Christmas music, set out some snacks and drinks and make it an event. Don’t rush. Try to savor the experience. Explain to the kids where specific ornaments came from and why they are special.

Let your Christmas ornaments become holiday traditions in themselves.


Don’t let the ornaments simply become a part of the experience. Make it expressly about the ornaments by using any you’ve passed down over the years, as well as some new ones you’re throwing into the mix that kids will remember for years to come.

  • There are tons of easy holiday crafts for kids making ornaments (or can be turned into a holiday ornament). Whether it’s a simple craft or even a decorated picture of your child from that year, just add a hook or string. It’s like decorative memorabilia and it’s a great way to celebrate your little one’s growth over the years.
  • Each year, give each child their own, unique Christmas tree decorations. Whether it’s personalized or represents something that your child is into that year (basketball, ballet, etc), it’s a great way to look back on the past. And, if it doesn’t have a year on it, make sure that you mark it somewhere discreetly with a permanent marker.

Don’t forget: Safety first when you’re decorating for Christmas.


While decorating for Christmas is fun, remember that there are often lots of small or sharp objects around. Your tree full of Christmas ornaments can be the biggest offender.

  • Keep all wires from lights tucked away so there is nothing lying where people often walk (or run!) around the room. Not only can kids trip on the wires, but that whole tree can come down if pulled properly.
  • Keep delicate Christmas ornaments that break easily away from the bottom of the tree. It’s practically an invitation for kids or pet’s tails to knock them off! Even if you hang them higher, you can also wire anything that is really delicate to the branches of the tree.
  • If you’re really nervous, skip delicate ornaments all together! We have tons of with soft construction so they don’t shatter. Crisis averted.

Make clean up easier!

Sure, the end of the holiday season can be a drag. But even worse: The stark realization that you’re going to have to put away all of those holiday decorations.

  • Keep your boxes for ornaments readily accessible and clearly marked. Knowing where things go instead of just dumping them in a storage container will make it easier next year.
  • Keep your lights untangled by winding them around a piece of cardboard when you go to put them away.
  • Buying or making your own plastic tree cleanup bag is genius and totally worth it. It helps contain all of the needles as you shlep that monster outside, meaning your vacuum won’t still be sucking up pine needles at Easter.

Decorating for Christmas can be fun and a time for the family to get together and create and celebrate traditions. Use these holiday decorating ideas to make it a smoother process, and if you need anything, take a look at our entire collection of holiday decorations to find just what you need.

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