Entryway Storage Ideas

If your kids are like most, they simply dump all their belongings immediately inside the door when they get home. The piles of shoes, coats, sports equipment and backpacks can quickly become unwieldy without proper entryway storage. Forget the messes that accumulate in a boy’s room or girl’s room… This mess is right when you walk in the door. But don’t worry. We have entryway storage ideas to help alleviate some of the clutter.

Hooks, hooks and hooks.

An entryway with wall hooks stores kids backpacks

Did we mention wall hooks? This is a great option for storing coats and backpacks because kids of all ages are physically capable of hanging a jacket from a hook. It’s much easier than a hanger, and if hung at their height there should be no excuse for them not to use the hook. Though, we’re not promising they won’t come up with a few.

Include a bench.

Large black benches make good storage for kids in an entryway

Include a small bench, so there’s a place to sit to pull boots and shoes on and off. It’s also a great place to place a stack of books for school, or tomorrow’s show and tell that you don’t want to forget. We especially recommend a storage bench, which offers built-in spaces to store shoes, sports equipment or winter gear.

A place to wipe your feet.

A pair of boots are scattered on the mud room floor

Make sure you have a rug to wipe wet or dirty feet on the way into the house. Unless, of course, you really want footprints in the living room, playroom, nursery, etc...

Open storage for strays.

A foyer is filled with kids coats and shoes

There are bound to be random items that collect near the door. Shoes, umbrellas, baseball mitts, scarves. Consider some open bin-type storage to get this stuff up off the floor. And, a few baskets to collect mittens, hats and scarves.

Messes can be stopped before they even enter the house. Creating an entryway, mudroom or foyer that is conducive to storage of all types is the best way to keep the rest of the house clean. With our handful of simple entryway storage ideas, you should be able to start tackling the mess in no time!

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