Designing a Family Friendly Kitchen

It’s often said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where everyone lingers and congregates before, during and after mealtime. So, here are a few essentials to make it a fun and functional space for your family.

The table & chairs.


No matter the size of your kitchen, try to work in at least a small table. It’s a great place for your kids to do homework while you prep dinner, or for smaller children to play while you cleanup the dishes.

A step stool.


Kids love to imitate what they see their parents doing, so why not let them in on the fun of meal prep. While it may take a little longer, they might be more likely to try new foods if they’ve helped prepare the meal. Be sure to get a sturdy step stool, so they can safely reach the counters.

Include some entertainment.


Getting dinner ready every night is no easy task, especially with little ones under foot. Include a little bit of entertainment in the kitchen, to keep them busy. A chalkboard in an out of the way corner is a great option. It’s either this or you move the stove into the playroom.

Have fun with the decor.


No one ever said kitchens can’t be fun. Consider fun decorating elements like wall letters that spell playful sayings, or even removable wallpaper to give a whimsical touch to your kitchen. You’ll be spending a lot of time here, the decor should reflect your family.

Don’t think of your kitchen as just for cooking. It’s a great place for the family to get together and spend a bit of time. So, while the playroom or kid’s rooms may seem like the place to be, these tips can help make your kitchen the best room in the house.

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