Creating a Kid Friendly Living Room

Remember that formal living room in your house growing up? It was only used on special occasions. And, under NO circumstances were you to sit on the couch, or even look at the couch. We love the idea of a sophisticated adult space, but let’s get serious, who has the room, or desire to banish your kids from an entire space in your home. We say, embrace your needs and make the space work for everyone. Here’s what to consider when putting together a family friendly living room everyone can enjoy.

The color palette.

A family plays together in their living room, which has toys and a cozy rug

The easiest way to keep the space looking chic is by choosing a fashion-forward color scheme for the space. Start with neutrals – black, white and grey, then layer on some fashion colors, such as mint or peach. Keeping the overall color palette concise, will keep the room feeling serene.

The sofa & chairs.

A kid friendly sofa with comfy pillows sits in a living room

Choose upholstered furniture that’s easy to clean. We’re pretty sure you don’t want to cover your couch in plastic, a la your nana’s house in 1974? So, choose fabrics that wash and wear well. Slipcovers are a good option. Or sticking with microfibers that hold up to tons of wear and tear. Another option, if you want to keep the space super multi-functional is to use a daybed instead of a couch. Wrap the mattress in a graphic quilt. It’s easy to wash and change up the look. Also, you’ll have a place for overnight guests to crash when needed (rather than put them in the kids room).

The storage.

A girl puts her toys away in storage bookcases in her living room

Rather than banning toys from the space, just be sure to plan for storing them. Bookcases with low bins and cubbies are the perfect option. Toys can be tucked easily out of sight, but are still accessible to the kids. Choose a tall bookcase so higher shelves can be used for decorative objects, while lower ones can be used for kids toys, games and puzzles.

Have a little fun.

A gold play tent makes a fun place to play in a family friendly living room

Consider including a teepee in the space. They have a beautiful shape, and can add a playful focal point to the space, they’re also a great place to stash toys when guests arrive. And don’t forget to have fun with the wall art Include pieces that everyone can enjoy. A gallery wall can be a great place to include a mix of kid art, photographs and collected art pieces in one beautiful display. Creating the gallery on ledges allows you to constantly change out the pieces.

So, if you don’t have the space for an entire playroom, and you don’t want to fence off your living room, take our advice and create a functional, kid friendly living room.

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