Holiday Gifts for Kids

You would think that getting the little ones in your life a present at the holidays would be a no-brainer. Sure, getting them something that will end up forgotten or broken in a week is easy, but choosing a safe, quality present that they’ll love is much harder. We’re here to help! Here are some general guidelines to think about when brainstorming holiday gift ideas.

Holiday gifts for a baby...

  • Don’t go nuts. A baby doesn’t even know what’s going on with the holidays. Getting over the top holiday gifts might be a little crazy. Instead, opt for something that the child might actually need, or even consult the parents about practical items that are always in demand. In the end, the baby will end up playing with the wrapping paper.
  • If you do buy an actual holiday gift, don’t forget to think about safety. Avoid anything that breaks easily or has small parts that could be a choking hazard. Babies are constantly putting things in their mouths, so be aware of that.
  • Some good holiday gift ideas include: board books (no pages to rip out), clothing, stuffed animals, blankets, baby appropriate toys, and any essentials a parent might hint at.

Holiday gifts for a toddler...

  • Toddlers grow out of things quickly, so be careful about what you buy clothing-wise. Anything with their favorite character/theme of the moment is sure to create excitement.
  • Since motor skills are developing, think about trying to give some age appropriate educational (but fun) holiday gifts. Things like large block puzzles, anything with moving parts, or things that they can build, put together or ride on.
  • Smaller, play versions of real activities like an play food, toy cell phones etc. make the little ones feel like they’re grown up just like you. They’re sure to get a lot of use.
  • It’s also really important to pay attention to the age ranges listed on toys for safety reasons. They are there for a reason and can be a helpful guide as to what’s appropriate.

Holiday gifts for a little kid...

  • Here’s where it starts to get messy, but in the best way. Kids this age are looking for more interactive activities. Holiday gifts that allows your child to build, create, or customize is always a crowd pleaser. Think bead kits, arts and craft supplies, action figures, and model cars or airplanes.
  • This is also a time when kids start getting a little bit pickier and more personalized in their tastes. With most kids, it’s pretty clear what they’re in to because it’s pretty much all they want to talk about/do. However, if you’re unsure, ask Mom or Dad. They’ll help point you in the right direction.
  • Avoid sets with a million tiny pieces. Trust us, the parents will thank you!

Holiday gifts for a big kid...

  • You’ve officially reached a harder age to buy for. But when in doubt ask for a list. The big kid in your life probably already has one set and ready to go. If you want the gift to be more of a surprise, then at least use a list as a guideline for what to buy.
  • Entertainment like computer games, music, movies, or TV shows are safe bets as well, just make sure to ask parents if what you’re thinking of buying is appropriate content for their child.
  • Cool furniture items to customize and update also make for great gifts. A new desk lamp, bean bag chairs, or different room accessories can make them feel like they have some say in how their space is being decorated.

Don’t sweat gift buying! At the end of the day, kids (and grownups) just love opening presents. So take a look at our entire collection of kids’ toys and gifts to find something for everybody on your “nice list.” While you’re at it, maybe pick out a few things for yourself, too.

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