Kids Storage Ideas

Between the toys, books, clothes and school supplies, it’s amazing that there’s any room in bedrooms or playrooms for kids. Luckily, it’s possible to handle all that stuff without breaking a sweat. Here are some of our favorite kids storage ideas for those typically hard to organize areas.

Tackle toy storage.

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A constant source of floor clutter, toys are always difficult to contain in kids’ rooms. The trick to keeping them organized? Empowering little ones to use kids’ storage and help out with the cleaning.

  • Make sure that shelves are tall enough to accommodate your child’s larger toys and that they’re the right size for your little one to be able to easily take things out and put them away.
  • Create a space for everything, whether it’s baskets, bins, shelves, hampers etc...
  • Labeling shelves and bins so it’s easy for your child to ID. If your child can’t read yet, use picture labels.
  • It’s important to purge old or broken toys from the mix on a regular basis. It’s especially important before any major occasion when new toys will be added to the mix (birthdays, holidays, etc...).
  • If you choose to buy a toy box, make sure there is some internal organization. Utilize plastic bins or even something as simple as a zip top bag to keep smaller pieces from falling to the bottom or getting lost.

Create more space in the closet.

A high quality rug pad is shown beneath a folded rug.

This is easiest to do with a child’s wardrobe, since clothes are smaller and allow for more storage space.

  • Install a second rod in the closet a couple of feet below the top rod. The tiny sizes of kids’ clothes mean you can fit that extra row in.
  • A hanging organizer is a great way to maximize your storage vertically while allowing you to keep your floor space.
  • Think about what gets used the most: Seasonal items or things that your kids don’t use often should go in the top of the closet while every day items should be placed nice and low so kids can reach them.

Corral art and school supplies.

A high quality rug pad is shown beneath a folded rug.

Create a space in your kids’ room that they’ll feel comfortable doing crafts or homework.

  • Use a plastic storage bin or art caddy for supplies. Anything that kids will feel comfortable tossing their supplies in. It makes it easy to go mobile if they want to do a project at the kitchen table instead.
  • Buy a regular sized desk and let your child grow into it. Make sure to get an adjustable chair though; it will help make up the difference until the desk is a perfect fit.
  • Use vertical shelving to keep supplies that aren’t used often (or require a parent’s supervision) out of a kid’s reach.

Sneaky spots for extra storage.

A high quality rug pad is shown beneath a folded rug.

Utilize these spaces in kids room for maximum efficiency:

  • Vertical space is ideal to get things like stuffed animals up off the floor. Just remember to still keep them in reach of little hands, otherwise they won’t get played with at all.
  • Don’t forget about under the bed or under nursery furniture. Whether you slide containers underneath or use it to store individually packaged toys, it offers significant extra space.
  • Using a play table with built in storage is another crafty (pun totally intended) way to keep supplies on hand but hidden.

Make the most of the space on your bookshelves.

A girl plays near a wall of bookshelfs with storage bins for toys.

Using a bookshelf doesn’t just mean “throw things on there to get them off the floor.” (Although, it could.) Here are some easy pointers for getting the most out of your bookshelves.

  • Group books by color. It makes it easier for little ones to put them away and it looks pretty great. It’s one of those kids room ideas that’s so simple and so effective.
  • Don’t forget to utilize space on top of the bookshelf. It’s ideal for storing larger toys or those odd sized books that won’t fit into the shelf.
  • If you’re short on space, choose a bookcase that takes up more vertical as opposed to horizontal space. That way you’ll be able to fit more on there without wasting floor space.

Keeping a kids’ room, playroom or nursery organized may seem like a task, but it makes a space that much more functional. Whether it’s a girl’s room or boy’s room, kids will want to spend their time in a place that feels like they had a hand in creating. So be sure to implement plenty of kids storage ideas for them. You might even have more storage than you realize! Happy organizing.

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