Designing a Gender Neutral Nursery

Whether you’re expecting a boy or a girl, creating a space for your family’s new addition is a top priority. While it used to be popular to design a room that was all pinks or blues, now a more gender neutral nursery is in (especially if you’re leaving the gender of your new arrival a surprise). Here are a few tips for creating a gender neutral nursery with plenty of style.

Pick your paint color.


This is a huge part of the process and is the most permanent thing you’ll do in your baby’s room. Keep these few things in mind.

  • Don’t wait until the last minute to paint! You’ll want plenty of time for the room to air out, whether you’re using a low or no-VOC paint or not.
  • Bring a few paint samples home and paint a test square. You’ll want to see how the different colors look at different times of the day.
  • Don’t rely on an inspiration image to give you a brand name paint color’s exact look. Most professional photos are carefully lighted, which changes the way the wall colors can look on camera.
  • Choose a color you can live with for a long time and that you’d love to see in a nursery for baby number two or three or four or etc… (you get the idea).

Feather the nest and choose your nursery furniture.


Buying sturdy and comfortable nursery furniture is important, since you and your baby will be spending a lot of time there. The more inviting the better.

  • Limit the number of wood finishes in the room. Combining too many finishes (white, natural, cherry, walnut) will look chaotic.
  • A comfortable chair should definitely be on your baby checklist. For a great gender neutral option, opt for something in a soft grey. It will work great for a boy or a girl, and can even last beyond the nursery.
  • Whether you’re designing a gender neutral nursery or not, storage is key. Get tons of bins/baskets/shelves in neutral, easy-to-coordinate finishes, and you’ll be ready for anything.

Accessories will add personality and individuality to the room.


Any bedding, decor or carpeting you buy will accent the room, and it’s easy to change in and out as your child grows. Plus, there are tons of options that’ll work great for a boy or a girl.

  • If your home has hard wood floors, area rugs are the perfect item to add to your new baby checklist. They’ll give the room warmth and will keep your feet warm on early mornings.
  • Don’t stencil designs onto the wall. Use removable wall decals instead. It will save you from having to re-paint the walls. Plus, you can keep things interesting by swapping in new decals as baby grows.
  • Patterned bedding is a fun way to add some personality to the room. Plus, there is tons of great gender neutral crib bedding that can match almost any color palette.

Get your gifts in check.


The second people find out you’re expecting a baby, they will want to buy you baby gifts. Seriously, lots of gifts. All you can do is try to be open and honest about what you need or want.

  • A baby registry allows you to subtly nudge people to gift you items you need, rather than leaving them up to their own devices. Think about only putting crucial items on there instead of clothing or small accessories.
  • Make sure you have a place to keep all of your baby gifts organized. This is where that shelving comes in handy. Point friends and family in the right direction; have them buy books and useful baby items.
  • If people insist on buying clothes, make sure they pick clothes that’ll work for a boy or a girl. No reason to create a gender neutral nursery while only buying girls’ clothes.

Clearly you’ve got options, so get inspired. Everything from contrasting blacks and whites to fresh mint greens are popping up in gender neutral nurseries these days. Another added benefit of keeping it co-ed? The next time you need the nursery it’s ready for anything.

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