Design for the family. Quality and safety. Artist designed. Vintage reimagined. Batteries not required.

The Story of The Land of Nod

Our story begins with two friends who expect more from their children’s furniture and feel that high-quality and good design don’t have to be mutually exclusive. So childhood friends Scott Eirinberg and Jamie Cohen took matters into their own hands and founded The Land of Nod in 1996. They started the company in the Chicago suburbs right out of Scott’s own basement, figuring there was nowhere to go but up (literally).

Then in 2001, an unexpected hand reached out to Scott and Jamie in the form of Crate and Barrel. The two companies teamed up to expand their catalog and website, while also making Nod’s products more widely available throughout the US. And, as part of the trusted Crate and Barrel family, we share their passion for providing safe, high-quality home furnishings to families all over the world.

Our Commitment to Quality & Safety

Safety is our top priority, and we take it very seriously. We travel the world to find the best quality, and our products are tested annually by a 3rd party for safety and durability. If we wouldn’t use something in our own homes, we won’t sell it. So, how do we ensure everything we sell is as safe as it can possibly be?

  • Test for Everything - While we test products for expected use, we also test them for foreseeable misuse. That means each piece is ready to stand up to anything you can (and can’t) imagine.
  • Meet and Exceed - Not only do we work to meet federal standards, we strive to exceed them. After all, safety should be more than just meeting the bare minimum.
  • Annual Checkups - Sure, we test all of our latest and greatest products. But we also give our current assortment an annual checkup to make sure they’re all safe, healthy and happy.
  • Sourced with Care - We personally travel overseas to inspect our products hands-on. We also work with independent auditors to make sure the artisans and workers creating our products receive livable wages and healthy, safe working conditions. Our environmental initiatives and social responsibilities are foremost in every decision we make. We are continually aware of our need to ensure that The Land of Nod, its agents and its vendors treat all who work with and for us with the highest level of respect and regard for their rights by complying with our Code of Conduct (download PDF). This Code of Conduct is based on the SA8000 global social accountability standard developed and overseen by Social Accountability International (SAI).

What We Stand For

We’re dedicated to providing the best kids products around, giving you the quality and safety you want for your family, with the style and design you want for your home. We go above and beyond to provide the best of the best for your family. If we won’t use it in our own homes, we won’t sell it.

Design for the Family

Our products are designed for the family, not just kids. That’s why they have an aesthetic that works well with both kid and adult décor, giving you the flexibility to put them anywhere. After all, they may be for kids, but you have to live with them, too. We also give many of our products dual functions, making them extra practical for today’s modern families. With everything from dressers that convert into changing tables to countless play tables that double as coffee tables, our products are meant to meet the needs of kids and adults at once.

Vintage Reimagined

We always create products with a nod toward past, re-exploring favorites from our childhood with new, fresh eyes. And, since children’s products should also be functional, we update them to fit in today’s world. What’s this mean? It means you get a classic, nostalgic item that appeals to kids, with an updated function that appeals to grownups.

Batteries Not Required

When it comes to toys, our motto is Batteries Not Required. In a world so overrun with tablets and handheld devices, we sometimes forget that there was a time when toys didn’t need to be plugged in. In our opinion, the best toys run on pure imagination, so we design toys and games that require a bit of make believe (something kids have plenty of). And unlike a portable device, kids’ imaginations never run out of power, even when it’s time for bed.

Artist Partnerships

We team up with the best artists from all over the world to create imaginative and unique products like you’ve never seen. Sharing the stories of these amazingly gifted individuals always brings joy to our customers, and it helps support the artist community. We love partnering with all of our talented artists, and their incredible designs never fail to leave us feeling inspired.

Let´s Get Social

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