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Bathroom Hampers & Storage

In the bathroom, bedroom, laundry room or hallway, our collection of kids hampers and laundry baskets will keep your home clean and clutter-free. Besides keeping clothes off the floor, hampers and storage baskets can add a fun, kid-friendly pop of color to the room. Laundry baskets made with felt canvas printed with geometric shapes in a rainbow of colors make a lovely addition to a playroom; use to corral spare blankets, plush stuffed animals or miscellaneous toys to make storage more dynamic. For big kids, consider low-to-the-ground basket hampers in classic, artisanal designs or sleek powder-coated iron wire hampers. Keep it playful, stylish and kid-friendly, and you may never have to see a pile of clothing in desperate need of a wash on your floor ever again. Or, at least we can hope!

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