How to decorate a kids room

  • Storage is key: Make full use of bookcases, toy boxes, nightstands and dressers to store your kids toys, books and clothes out of sight. Having a place for everything will also help your kids keep their room clean.

  • Incorporate display space: Your kids will love showing off their trophies and favorite knick knacks on a desk hutch or wall shelves. Make sure to have plenty of spaces like this available for all their most prized possessions.

  • Add lots of light: Make sure to incorporate multiple light sources for your kids to adjust whether they are asleep or busy playing. A night light, a table lamp and a ceiling light are all must-haves.

  • Somewhere to sleep: Don't forget the most important part of a bedroom -- the bed! Try to pick out a bed with a fun or unique design element that adds character to the room and reflects your child's personality.

  • Workspace: Consider adding a desk in your child's room that they can use for activities and homework. Look for a simple, gender neutral desk that will grow up with them.

  • Accessorize: Let your creativity soar when it comes to accessorizing! Whether you purchase decor or do-it-yourself, add color and textures to your kids bedroom with pillows, wall art, and more.


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