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Kids Bins & Baskets

How to Organize a Playroom

1) Organize by Color

When all your little ones' toys are sorted in storage bins and baskets by color, it makes it that much easier for them to put them away once they're done playing. See-through colored boxes make it that much easier to tell exactly where their favorite play things are. Dolls and other plush toys can go in a red basket, art supplies can go in a blue box, and so on.

2) Make Use of Cubby Storage

Cubby storage is essential for keeping a playroom neat and tidy. Within cubby pieces, you can add in your color-sorted bins for easy access.

3) Add Labels or Signs

By identifying each basket with a label, boys and girls know exactly where their toys go— and it's great practice if they're learning to read!

4) Try Space-Saving Options

Short on space? Hanging closet organizers give you extra room to add stackable bins that are perfect for storing kids' blankets, stuffed animals, games and more.

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