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Boys Bedroom: Sports

Your athletic little boy needs a bedroom that's just as energetic and sporty as he is. Our boys sports themed bedroom can help inspire you to create that perfect space he's sure to love. With ideas for sports bedding, decor, and room accessories, you can design sports central for your little tyke to play, study and sleep in. Our inspiration room features bright, graphic colors to create an energetic feel. Adding sports themed bedding is perfect to highlight the theme. We used letter garland to add in a personalized name to the room and lots of colorful desk accessories to keep your little guy organized. Make sure to leave space on the walls to hang up medals and display trophies from all his baseball, football and basketball games. Now that's a winning idea!

  • Aesthetic: Energetic and sporty.

  • Colors: Red, blue and black.

  • Gender & Age: Boys 4-14 years old.

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