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Playroom: Craft Storage

You and your kids may love to craft, but we're willing to bet you don't always love the mess that crafting makes. Lucky for you, our craft room storage ideas will help you to get your kids craft room clean and organized, so that everything is in its place. In our inspiration room, we created a gallery wall of storage solutions including our peg boards for hanging smocks, bins for holding paint jars, and shelves to keep glue and scissors out of kids reach. We also added a craft table with storage that's the perfect size for your little ones to work at. We picked a vibrant wall color to inspire creativity and a playful rug to keep the room cozy. Before you know it, your kids will be whipping up masterpieces like Picasso, and you'll be happy you can whip the room back into shape thanks to your plentiful craft room storage.

  • Aesthetic: Bright and inspirational.

  • Colors: Orange and white.

  • Gender & Age: Kids age 3 and older.

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