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Gift Card 101

You can check your card balance online: just go to Check Gift Card Balance, enter your Gift/Shop Card Number and click "Check Balance." You can also check your card balance when you visit our stores or by calling us at (800) 933-9904.

If your registered Gift/Shop Card becomes lost or stolen, please call (800) 933-9904 to report the loss. We will freeze the remaining balance on your missing card at the time of your call and mail you a replacement.

For your security, only registered cards will be replaced if they are lost, stolen or destroyed.

If you have a Gift/Shop Card that is not registered, protect your card's value and register now.

You betcha. Our registration program protects the balance on your card in the event that it becomes lost, stolen or otherwise damaged. Only registered cards will be protected. We recommend registering your card immediately upon receipt. You may complete registration by phone ((800) 933-9904) or online.

It’s easy. Make your selections and proceed to Checkout as usual. On the Payment Page, enter your Gift/Shop Card Number and PIN located beneath the scratch-off area on the back of the card. Then hit Apply Gift Card.

If you have more than one Gift/Shop Card, enter the information for each card you wish to use. Our system will perform the appropriate calculations.

Please note: Gift/Shop Cards may be used in combination with credit card to complete your transaction.

No way, Jose. If your purchase amount is less than the value of the Gift/Shop Card, you can apply the balance towards your next purchase. If your purchase amount is greater than the card balance, you will need to make additional payment with a credit card or another Gift/Shop Card.

Yes. You can still use your paper Gift Certificates or Merchandise Credits as a form of payment in our stores or by mailing them with your Catalog order. However, paper Gift Certificates or Merchandise Credits may not be redeemed online.

Any unused balance does not expire and remains on your Gift Card and/or Gift Certificate until it is spent.

The Land of Nod does not charge service or dormancy fees for any unused Gift Cards or Shop Cards carrying a balance.

A Gift Card is a gift you give or receive for a certain dollar amount. It is redeemable towards merchandise purchases in stores or by phone for catalog orders. Gift Cards may be purchased in stores, online or by catalog.

A Shop Card is a card issued when you are due a credit. It is redeemable only towards merchandise purchases.

Sure can. The Land of Nod Gift and Shop Cards can be used to purchase merchandise at Crate and Barrel or CB2 stores, on their websites or through their catalogs.

Yep, you can do that, too. Crate and Barrel Gift and Shop Cards can be used to purchase merchandise at The Land of Nod stores, on our website or through our catalog.

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