Kids Bathroom Ideas

Let’s make bathtime one of your kids’ favorite nightly rituals—a special time where they can have fun splashing around in the tub and playing with bubbles. Afterall, who doesn’t love a warm, cozy bath? With a few simple ideas and tips, your bathroom can easily become one of your family’s favorite spaces. Our kids bathroom ideas are sure to help excite you and your little ones about washing up, brushing their teeth and taking care of themselves.

Let your kids help pick out the shower curtain.

In a bathroom, a girl is wrapped in in a hooded towel next to her polka dot shower curtain
  • Letting your kids help make decisions about the room’s style is a great way to include the whole family and design around the kids’ ideas.
  • Use their shower curtain choice as the inspiration for all your other kids bathroom ideas, including the overall theme, the paint color and the accessories.
  • If your kids pick a bold, colorful shower curtain, choose neutral accessories. However, if they pick a more muted shower curtain, choose vibrantly colored towels and bath mats to brighten the space and keep it youthful.

Incorporate kid-friendly bathroom storage.

Next to a shower, a shelving unit adds extra places to put towels and bath accessories
  • If your kids bathroom doesn’t have a lot of storage, consider adding a shelving unit for towels and washcloths.
  • Each child can have their own shelf to keep their favorite towels and bath accessories. You can even get personalized towels with each child’s name for an extra special touch.
  • If you’re tight on space, try adding wall shelves to increase storage without taking up floor space. Shelves are perfect for storing shampoo, soap and medicine out of the reach of little ones. A wall shelf with hooks also offers a place to hang up robes and towels.

Use bath toys for adorable kids bathroom decor.

Bath toys are on the floor of a kids bathroom
  • Bathroom decor for kids doesn’t need to be complicated or fancy. In fact, it can be as simple as putting some of their favorite bath toys on display.
  • Using toys like rubber ducks as cute bathroom decor also makes bathtime easy, keeping toys perfectly within reach.
  • You can also use toys to help enhance your bathroom theme. For example, a nautical bathroom can display all of your kids favorite toy boats and ocean animals.

Add ample bathroom accessories to help kids keep their bathroom organized.

A bathroom counter is organized with actrylic bath accessories for toothpaste, toothbrushes and more.
  • Kids bathroom accessories like our acrylic bath storage make it easy for them to put all of their items—from toothbrushes to combs—back in the right place.
  • Color coordinate storage accessories to keep your kids’ belongings separate from one another.
  • If your little ones are a still a bit short to reach the sink, make sure to add stools for them as well.

With these few kids simple bathroom ideas, you can design an organized space that will help bathtime run smoothly and make washing up more fun. If your kids help design and personalize the space, they are sure to think their bathroom is super cool. We can’t promise they’ll want to start brushing their teeth more, though!

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