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Family Friendly Living Room

Designing a family friendly living room isn't as hard as you think thanks to our room gallery inspiration. Find ideas on how to maximize playspace, storage space and sitting space in your own family friendly living room. In our inspiration room, we tackled toy storage by adding a full wall of modern shelves, which create the perfect space to store toys, books and games for your kids. Storage is key to a family friendly living room, but so is a comfy rug for your kids to play on and a comfy, kid friendly couch for mom and dad to relax on. We suggest mounting your TV on the wall to keep it safely out of reach for rambunctious little ones. You can also try adding accent tables or coffee tables that have built-in storage for even more places to tuck away your kids mess when you want the living room to feel more grown up.

  • Aesthetic: Classic and neutral

  • Colors: White, grey and natural rattan

  • Gender and Age: Boys and girls ages 4-12 years old.

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