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Playroom: Family Living Room

Perhaps you aren't able to dedicate a whole separate room to a playroom, but you still want to have a space for your kids to just be kids in. We're here to help with ideas for creating a multifunctional playroom in the living room. We used a round play table in the middle of the room that can easily double as a coffee table for family room functions. The table doesn't have any sharp corners, which makes it safer for kids at play. We used a boldly patterned storage bench that provides both storage, extra seating and another space to play on. Instead of a large, bulky sofa, we chose a small settee that leaves plenty of floor space to play on and wall space for toy storage. A big, colorful rug makes a soft space for kids to play on and adds global style for the adults to admire. Tucked in the corner, we put a fabulous teepee tent for kids to play in and along the walls, we added ample storage to tuck toys out of the way when mom and dad want to use the living room.

  • Aesthetic: Colorful and global.

  • Colors: White, navy, metallic gold and fuchsia.

  • Gender and Age: Boys and girls ages 4-13 years old.

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