Mealtime with a baby may not always a 5-star experience, but being prepared with all the necessary baby feeding and nursing essentials will help meals go more smoothly, keeping your growing baby's tummy full.

If you are planning to nurse and breastfeed your newborn, consider which of these breastfeeding accessories will work best for your needs:

Nursing Pillow:

Many moms find that nursing pillows can help keep baby at the right height for feedings and allow them to have a hand free.

Burp Cloths:

Babies tend to spit up often and a burp cloth is there to save your baby's clothes or, more likely, your clothes from a mess. Having lots of burp cloths on hand makes it easy to have one ready at every feeding.

Breast pump and baby bottles:

For moms on the go, having milk on hand in places where it might not be easy to breastfeed can be a lifesaver. Bottle feeding also gives dad a chance to feed and bond with the baby.

Comfy Rocker or Glider:

A rocker or glider serves double purpose. It's helpful to soothe baby to sleep, but it is also a relaxing, cozy place for feedings.

If you're ready to transition your little one from milk to solid food, have all your baby feeding supplies ready to go:


Feeding babies and toddlers is messy! You'll want to do what you can to minimize the mess and our baby bibs and baby bandana bibs are definitely your first line of defense. They're stylish and adorable, too!


Your baby will need a small, rounded spoon learn to eat with safely. A spoon is especially helpful with soft baby food like applesauce.


As your toddler gains more independence during meals, a bowl for them to use on their own is important. We suggest a Happy Mat, which is an all-in-one placemat and bowl that suctions directly to your table or highchair, minimizing mess and cleanup.

High Chairs:

As your little one begins to eat more on their own, a high chair is the safest place to have them during mealtime. Keeping them right next to you at the dinner table helps you to keep an eye on them while they eat. Better yet, you can buckle them in for security.


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