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Kid Friendly Living Room

If you're looking for family room decorating ideas that will be functional for your whole family, you've come to the right place. Our kid friendly living room ideas will inspire you to design the perfect gathering place for you and your kids to enjoy together. Filled with kid friendly furniture, decor and storage, our inspiration space feels mature and stylish, while still offering your kids plenty of space to play. In our inspiration room, we kept the sofa soft and simple, making use of pretty patterns to add personality. We covered the floor with a large, comfy rug for your kids to play on and filled a whole wall with toy storage by adding plentiful shelving. We chose a round, kid friendly coffee table to avoid sharp edges and also because it has built-in storage for your little one's favorite stuffed animals or games. We hope you're feeling inspired because designing a kid friendly living room can be lots of fun! You know that it will be a space your family can always spend quality time in together for years to come.

  • Aesthetic:Relaxed and homey

  • Colors:White, Brown and Pink

  • Gender and Age: Family-friendly for all ages

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