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Playroom: Kids Small Art Space

Do you have a small space or corner in your playroom, living room or dining room that isn't being put to good use? We suggest turning that small space into a mini kids art room! Our practical activity table won't take up much space, but will provide the perfect spot for your kids to color, draw and create. In our inspiration room, we tucked the art table into the corner, creating a little arts and crafts nook. We also added a metal wall bin to our craft space that is ideal for extra storage without taking up floor space, and will allow little artists-in-training to store their crayons, markers, paper and more. A art rail on the wall allows you to display the beautiful masterpieces your kids create, which is sure to make them feel proud. A little home art studio is the perfect way to keep your kids entertained and to keep their imaginations soaring.

  • Aesthetic: Crafty and colorful.

  • Colors: Aqua, yellow and grey.

  • Gender and Age: Girls and boy ages 4-10 years old.

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