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Boys Bedroom: Paul Frank

If your goal is creating a colorful boys bedroom with no shortage of humor and personality, our exclusive Paul Frank collection will offer plenty of inspiration. Designed by Frank himself, the lineup seen throughout this room has tons of bright colors, a uniquely witty sensibility and (of course) unforgettable characters. Surrounded by Paul Frank décor and throw pillows that feature instantly recognizable icons, the bedding acts as a focal point, with Julius the Monkey and other Frank favorites exploring the high seas. While the characters are the true stars of this boys room, we played off of the pirate themed bedding by adding a black area rug with white X's. Elsewhere, we provided a bit of balance by sticking to subtler neutral hues, from a coordinating white bed and dresser to a modern two-toned lamp.

  • Aesthetic: Quirky and adventurous.

  • Colors: Blue, white and black.

  • Gender & Age: Boys aged 4-12 years old.

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