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Kids Pretend Play

Treehouse Play Set Treehouse Play Set
$169.15 reg. $199.00
Superstar Microphone Superstar Microphone
$50.15 reg. $59.00
Fridge Play Food Fridge Play Food
$24.65 reg. $29.00
Pantry Play Food Pantry Play Food
$24.65 reg. $29.00
Cooking Set (Set of 6) Cooking Set (Set of 6)
$21.20 reg. $24.95
Pots and Pans (Set of 8) Pots and Pans (Set of 8)
$24.65 reg. $29.00
Tea Set Tea Set
$21.25 reg. $25.00
Future Foodie Play Oven Future Foodie Play Oven
$220.15 reg. $259.00
Future Foodie Play Fridge Future Foodie Play Fridge
$237.15 reg. $279.00
A-Frame Dollhouse A-Frame Dollhouse
$126.65 reg. $149.00
Metro Line City Set Metro Line City Set
$126.65 reg. $149.00
Metro Line Train Tracks Metro Line Train Tracks
$33.15 reg. $39.00
Doctor Play Set Doctor Play Set
$21.25 reg. $25.00
Day Trip Plush Oar New Day Trip Plush Oar
$24.65 reg. $29.00
Cheval Mirror Cheval Mirror
$135.15 reg. $159.00
Wild Wings Dress Up Set (Bat) Wild Wings Dress Up Set (Bat)
$24.65 - $33.15 reg. $29.00 - $39.00
Wild Wings Dress Up Set (Bird) Wild Wings Dress Up Set (Bird)
$24.65 - $33.15 reg. $29.00 - $39.00
Lovelane Winged Hat (Pink) Lovelane Winged Hat (Pink)
$39.97 - $49.97 reg. $60.00 each
Lovelane Unicorn Cuffs Lovelane Unicorn Cuffs
$20.40 reg. $24.00
Disguise the Limit Dress-Up (Bandit) Disguise the Limit Dress-Up (Bandit)
$29.97 each reg. $79.00 each
Kids Magic Wand Kids Magic Wand
$4.97 reg. $5.95
Boulder Buddy Pouf Boulder Buddy Pouf
$34.00 - $69.00
Sushi Set Sushi Set
$19.97 reg. $24.95
City in a Box City in a Box
$44.97 reg. $59.00
Noddingham Castle Noddingham Castle
$49.97 reg. $99.00
Medieval Queen Medieval Queen
$7.97 reg. $8.95
Red Draped Horse Red Draped Horse
$7.97 reg. $8.95
White Draped Horse White Draped Horse
$7.97 reg. $8.95
Starlet Vanity Starlet Vanity
$179.97 reg. $249.00
Non-Flying Saucer Non-Flying Saucer
$179.97 reg. $349.00
Gearhead Garage Gas Pump Gearhead Garage Gas Pump
$39.97 reg. $69.00

Princesses, warriors and dinosaurs, oh my! With kids dress up costumes and pretend play toys from The Land of Nod, your little adventurer can let their imagination run wild. Chef hats, ballerina skirts, plush tools and pretend kitchen sets allow your child to live out their dream jobs, while crowns, wings, capes and masks allow them to live out even the silliest of their dreams. Foster their independence and fill the toy box with dress up and pretend play toys—no batteries required to play these games!

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