One of a Kind Artwork: Studio Nod


an exclusive collection of one-of-a-kind artwork from some of our favorite artists around. This carefully curated assortment features everything from paintings to soft sculptures to weavings and more. And, since each piece is truly unique, when an item is sold, it’s gone for good. But don’t worry. New pieces are being added frequently, so check back often.

Landscape (Pink) – Studio Nod
Boy Polar Bear Decor – Studio Nod
Dreamscape – Studio Nod

Help support our artists.

We love our artists. (Who doesn’t, really?) So, when you buy these items, you’re helping ussupport the artist community.

Landscape (Blue) – Studio Nod
Girl Polar Bear Decor 1 – Studio Nod
Medium Pink Cherry Birdhouse 1 – Studio Nod
Large Birdhouse (Grey) – Studio Nod
Lollipop Art – Studio Nod
Shop the Collection – Studio Nod
Deer Decor (Silver) – Studio Nod
Black Letters Birdhouse 3 – Studio Nod
Large Pink Cherries Birdhouse 2 – Studio Nod
On a Whim – Studio Nod
Large Hanging Swan – Studio Nod
Extra Large Birdcage – Studio Nod
Large Standing Swan (Pink) – Studio Nod
Large Pink Letters Birdhouse 1 – Studio Nod
Untitled by Maryanne Moodie – Studio Nod
Abstract – Studio Nod Camper Art – Studio Nod Deer Decor (silver) – Studio Nod Abstract – Studio Nod
Disco Ball with Owls – Studio Nod
Dreamcatcher – Studio Nod

Visit Studio Nod in person.

If you’re in Chicago, be sure to make an appointment to stop by Studio Nod so you can see the artwork in person. We’ll also be holding workshops and events in the space with the artists themselves, so sign up for our emails to stay up to date.

Visit the studio in person – Studio Nod
Small Embroidered Design 1 – Studio Nod
Willy Nilly – Studio Nod
Featured Artists – Studio Nod
Tamar Mogendorff

Tamar Mogendorff

Emily Jeffords

Emily Jeffords

Heather Chontos

Heather Chontos

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